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healing vibes
spoil him as much as you can.  My one kittie got steak  and cheesecake the night before, kinda by accident.  I was also able to keep it together, as not to scare her and we had a good last few moments at home before I scooped her up.  She was more than ready to go after years of intestinal lymphoma and diabetes at the end.  It doesn't make it any easier though.  Of course we all want them to go peacefully in their sleep. However that is rare, due to our ability to extend their lives so much, they would die horribly if not to intervene. 
Oxytocin is the love chemical, and heartbreak is akin to withdrawal with the very real physical and mental symptoms.  Eat well and take vitamins, your immune system is at risk. 
Don't do too much, be kind to yourself.

I also got stuffed cats that looked like my babies, and held them and cried alot. I watch TV with them and talk to them.
helped sooo much, because it taught me that the love will never die.
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Thanks all for the kind words. I have been a wreck since it happened yesterday. I just keep having episodes of crying and can't control them. Being in the house is the worst. I've actually tried to go out after work and be away as much as possible because being here is horrible. Every room, every piece of furniture, everything reminds me of her. Joan thank you for your thoughtful comment. I do have another dog and cat which does help as I too could never imagine a house without a fur baby. Robert I am so sorry for your loss. Gemma was with you for so long. It is both gut wrenching and therapeutic to read these posts but mostly I'm just so sorry we all have to go through this. Lavendar - I thought about getting a stuffed dog that looks like Saidi. I think it might help. The timing couldn't be worse either. I'm supposed to be happy around the holidays and I usually love Christmas but this year I just feel like curling up in a ball and staying in my bed and never coming out. Thanks all for your comments and I am glad to hear the grief may lessen after a couple of weeks, though right now I cannot imagine it. I can't look at any pictures of her or talk to people about it yet. I just start bawling the second I open my mouth. And still having trouble sleeping and eating. This is such a physical pain.
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Jennifer, I can't tell you that your experience will be like mine. But, I just want to note that I felt HORRIBLE the first few days. The worst, awful grief I have ever felt in my life. I have been sad over death before, but I've never felt like it took over my life and sucked all happiness out of it. I was really worried that I would never feel ok again, that I would spend the rest of my life missing my sweet dog. But again, two weeks later I don't feel like that. I still cry a few times a day when I let myself think back over her last day or when something triggers it, but I much more have a sense that I will eventually feel normal again. I'm sure I will always be able to cry when I really let myself think about her, but I don't think grief will ruin my life.

I'm sorry you're in such a bad place now, but I just want to give you hope that time really does heal. Hang in there.
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Hello, I know it's difficult to make that decision, but perhaps this will help that you make that decision for your beloved pet and that no greater love does man have than to put down his life for someone else including a pet.   Your sacrificial love and pain to release your beloved to an afterlife of immediate freedom and happiness will help you.   Your beloved has a soul that will await you in heaven in anticipation!  No more pain, no more tears -- they can't talk because they would rather suffer severity and love you, so all the more to give back if you can see it that way?  I pray for your strength, God will give you the courage! 
Vicki Mattingly 
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Tomorrow is the day I have dreaded.... I am truly heartbroken. A part of me will die tomorrow at the same time.
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Wendy, I’m sorry for what you will go through today. Come back here when you can, we’ll be here to support you. Start a new post and include some pictures of your loved one. Many of us are going through the same grief right now, and we will help hold you up after your loss. I’m so sorry.
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