Our 6 year old Golden who is 5 weeks pregnant has just been diagnosed with Lymphoma, the most common cancer in Goldens but also one with a very high remission success rate.  The prognosis for her is good if we start treatment immediately, although the expected life span before the cancer does finally kill her is only 13 months.
Kelly is a special girl as she is the last link we have to a deceased family member.  Our hope with this pregnancy was to keep a puppy as a continuation of this link and a legacy to his life.  Any treatment now for the cancer will kill the puppies before they can be whelped with the huge added risk of uterine infection due to an immune system compromised by chemotherapy.  Surgery to abort the pups will also create an added risk to the mom and complicate her chances for successful chemo.  Bringing the pups to term and delivering means delaying the start of chemo and reducing its effectiveness and may well cost us Kelly with no guarantee that the pups will be healthy. 
We feel that every choice we can make is the wrong one ethically as our concern is for Kelly and her quality of life. We would appreciate comments from anyone who has gone through something similar.
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