Last Tuesday 6/11 while I was getting ready for my birthday party Spot died. He was 13 1/2 years old. He was my first pet ever and our connection was very special. He was by my side thru a divorce, my mom’s open heart surgery, my illness which resulted in financial hardship, Hurricane Maria, so many situations, he was my stronghold. More than a pet he was my emotional support system. I suffer from Panic Attacks due to PTSD and now I am so broken. I don’t know who to turn to. Found an article that listed this Forum, and I felt that writing about it at least will lighten the load.
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Hello Keypro

I am sorry about your loss, it sounds like Spot was a very special companion!

You are very right that this forum can help you. We all know the pain of losing our companions and are here to support each other. Whenever you feel the need to talk please do so, we are here and will support you where we can.

Stay strong

Erik, Nani and Nikki
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Dear Keypro,

I'm very sorry for your loss of your beloved Spot. I had to put my best friend down a little over 4 weeks ago. A cat named "Marmalade." He too helped me through some of the most difficult, darkest and almost challenging times in my life. It is extraordinary how a little animal can have such a positive impact on a human being. And have such a dramatic effect on our mental health's. I have had mental illness (severe depression, anxiety & PSTD) for my entire life. It runs in my family. Marmalade kept me going like Spot kept you going. You might find some of these articles linked below of interest. Take care and God bless & keep you.

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Hi Keypro,

I am so sorry for your loss. Spot was a very special companion and the pain and grief over his loss must be overwhelming. You have come to the right place to find support and understanding. I found this forum last year after I lost my best friend. Daisy was my sweet girl and companion and I missed her desperately and felt completely lost without her. I needed advice as worked through my grief and anxiety over adopting again. I found so much support and did welcome home another soul last year. That was a huge adjustment but the advice I received here helped so much.

It will take time for you to work through your grief over the loss of Spot. You have lost much more than a pet, but a true companion and your support system. Allow this forum to be your support system for a while . We are all here to help and understand the depth of your loss. Be gentle and kind to yourself through this process. Reach out for help when ever you need it.
Lori, Daisy's Mom and now Luna's Mom
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Hi Keypro32,

I’m so so sorry about the loss of your love, Spot. Spot sounds like a very special little one who was there by your side. I just lost my rock, my hero, my warrior, Bubby, an orange tabby, last Thursday. He would have been 10 this July. I too found this forum from an article after looking up how to grieve the loss of a pet. Like Spot, Bubby, has always be there for me through difficult times...a very hard pregnancy, challenging 4th trimester, an ongoing difficult marriage, job loss. He means the world to me and the light is very dim now. I come home and he’s not there to greet me. I haven’t been able to sleep since he left because he was my anti-anxiety. We have Bubbys sibling/littermate, Lola, and she is grieving his loss as well. I hope she will be ok with our love and support.

You have came to a great place. There are so many wonderful people on here who are experiencing the same feelings...the loss not just of a pet but of a true companion and soulmate.

I hope you find peace and your pain eases in this difficult time.We’re all here to talk if you wish too.

Bubby's (Milo) Mommy - Always & Forever My Little Man 💜

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Sooo sorry for your loss. Recently went thru this too. The pain is so raw. I can be doing nothing and just break out crying. Its the most difficult thing Ive ever endured. I had him for 10 years; we spent each day together, slept on my bed, this little guy was better than ANYONE.
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