Our 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Edison, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at our home Friday, October 27. He had prostrate cancer and congestive heart failure. He was ready for peace but I am struggling. This has been an exhausting weekend. I am so tired, crying off and on all weekend. My other 3 furry kids are confused and I know are feeling our sadness. We buried him on our acreage and have a paw print memorial plaque along with flowers and an American Flag. My rescue girl, Ellie, who turns 16 11/1/17 has a large inoperable tumor on her leg. I don’t know if I can stand the pain when it is time for her journey. I never knew I would grieve like this. What suggestions do any of you have for me?
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Hi Martie, I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet boy Edison. All of us on the forum know the deep pain and grief you're experiencing. It's never easy losing a best little friend. Be kind to yourself, the coming days and weeks will help you see that Edison is still connected to you and stays very close in your heart. I lost my dear Molly beagle almost a year ago, her age was just shy of 17. It was the worst loss I've ever experienced because she was always with me, and I depended on her as much as she did me. It took me a few months to realize that I'm aware of so much more around me now because she shows me she's still right with me. All the sweet signs...butterflies, birds, coins, it can really be anything, they let us know that they never really leave us. Wishing you much peace and healing in the coming days and months, and remember Edison is happily playing, pain free, with all of our babies in between his visits with you.

Dawn...Molly's Mom
Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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I’m so sorry for your loss of Edison. I’m also very sad to hear about Ellie’s illness.
Although there is never enough time with our babies Edison and Ellie are beyond senior citizen. You had many years with Edison and you still have Ellie.

William died at age 14. I would have loved having him until age 17 if he could have made that mark as a healthy boy.

The pain is so horrible. There’s no time frame to it’s ending ( or us getting used to it as I don’t think we do)

As you grieve Edison love Ellie for as long as you are blessed to be together.

So sorry for your pain.
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Thank all of you for your kind words and advice. I know Edison is happy and pain free. That is what keeps me
going. We have set up a memorial in our bedroom. Ellie is such a comfort to us. . God Bless all of you for your love of all our furry children.
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I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like he had a long joyful life even if it seems short. 16 years is great for a dog, and I’m sure that means you took great care of him. I lost my Lola to an attack at age 11 and she was still so full of life. Her sister Stella is still with me at 10 years old but requires a pacemaker to keep her heart going, so hopefully I have at least a few more years with her. Cherish the time you have with the babies you have left now. That way when it’s their time you should have no regrets, only happy memories.

I used to always dwell on thoughts of what I would do when I lost my pups, but I realize now that was just time and energy wasted. Give them all love, tell them often how good they are, reward them with their favorite treats, and remember the all the love and fun. Don’t look forward and don’t look back.
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Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. It is amazing how many of us have lost a beloved pet and struggle with the loss. I am sure that your Lola was a sweet angel cared
for amazingly by you. I went to picked up some burgers tonight and Eddie always went with me.I felt so lonely on the drive. It’s those kind of events that cause me the most pain. I know each day I will heal. He will always be with me like a shadow, because he was my best friend. I lay awake at night and imagine when he was a youngster running
around and exploring, playing ball, ornery and so fun!!! Those visions are healing and painful. I know we will meet again and until then I know my Mom is caring for him. God Bless you for your kindness. .
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