Happy Easter my best friend... i have missed u today as always. My only solace is knowing the meaning behind this day and that because Jesus overcame death, u did as well and are with Him until I can be with u again. Such a loving God entrusted me with taking care of u for 15 beautiful years and I today i thanked Him agains for that.
I try so hard to focus on these thoughts but wjen i realize u really are gone it makes me so sad still.
It was very difficult putting my moms easter basket together as Alex and Riley needed to investigate all the candy and treasures. ..
They both love baskets like u did and, like u, they insisted on "helping" me. Yep... just like having u hear. Praise God...
It was a beautiful day here today, so warm and lits of sunshine just like u like.. of course i know that its always like that where u are... its just hard not having u here to share it with. Willow spent the whole day in the window enjoyingthe sun today...
I told her how much u loved to do that when u were here.
Still cant look out that back window tho...

I can't believe it has been 32 weeks, my keeten.
Sometimes as i write these letters to u i feel like a mom writing to her soldier at war, waiting for the day he will return home. The weekly counts, little tidbits of whats happening here without u... my heart aching that time separates us and there is nothing i can do to bring u back to me...
...waiting to be reunited with u.
In my heart i know u already are Home and i am the one who is away. U are with our Creator and because of His Promise, I will hold u one day again and we will never be apart.
I smile thinking about that day and getting more kitten hugs than i could ever dream of...
Then i remember that i dont know when that will be and i must continue here with only memories of u to get me thru each day and i cry, praying those memories never fade...
My love for u will never fade, this i promise u, Best Friend, for u are my soul and my heart will forever beat ur name.

Happy Easter, my keeten. ..
I miss u always xoxo
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Oh Stacie,
What a beautiful letter to Wiley! You shared such a special bond. I know that my Bailey is in heaven as well. Our new pope says that all animals are welcome in God's kingdom and I have found that to be such a comfort. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!
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What a beautiful letter. I'm crying as I write this but thank you for sharing this.
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I just wanted to add that I think it is lovely that you continue to honor your Wiley - it shows how deeply you loved your baby! Lucky kitty to have had such a devoted mom.
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Hello I love you all thank you so much for your responses to my letter to my boy XOXO Easter was very difficult but I did enjoy the time with my family... I hope that you all had a good day as well. It was funny I went to church Easter morning as usual but this year the sermon was about Grace. The message actually brought me Comfort as I thought not only did Jesus die for us and rose from the dead that we should have life eternal... But he also extends us this incredible Grace that we can't even comprehend and that Grace allows us to share our lives with these beautiful animals who touches so deeply. And it is Grace that Comforts us as we feel so guilty and helpless when the time comes to say goodbye. And it is Grace that lets us know we are forgiven if we are angry with God as I was when he took my Wiley... and it is Grace that says even in your anger you are still immeasurably loved by God. And it is Grace that allows us, no matter what we've done, to be reunited with our beautiful pets one day...
Although my heart is so broken over the loss of my best friend I praise God for his promises and for all of you who have helped me on this most difficult Road...

In all of my sadness, I am blessed.

Praying for all of u (((hugs)))

Love, Stacie
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