without my Buddy. He was such a source of pure joy and I love him soo much. Buddy passed away suddenly in January. He died in my arms one week after my partner of 18 years passed. IBuddy was my reason for getting up and now he is gone I feel hopeless.  miss you so so much 'pal o mine" tribute1web.jpg 
Joe N
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My thoughts are with you....this kind of loss (both of them) may seem insurmountable, but you have lots of understanding friends here to help you through.
Love you to the moon and back....
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What a beautiful picture of Buddy.  He has such wise and soulful eyes. I can't say anything except that I unfortunately understand your pain in dealing with the loss of one who gives unconditional love to you.  I lost my canine companion of 11 years just 2 days ago and it has been oh so tough since then.  I'll say a prayer for you and Buddy tonight.

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So sorry for your loss. Buddy is incredibky adorable. The tribute you wrote to him has me in tears. You are not alone in your pain. He has my little Luna to play and run with now.
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Your tribute is beautiful and special. Thank you so much for sharing it. 
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