I know it's going to sound strange and out there but I feel Dusty is still here in my young cat Libby. Libby has taken on traits, habits, and behaviors of my sweet Dusty. Doing things she never did before. Things my Dusty always did. Is it crazy for me to think that part of Dusty has stayed in Libby?? Or maybe she just taught her little sister things before she left?? I don't know it's bittersweet to feel Dusty here even though it's Libby. Dusty died over a month ago.
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That doesn't sound strange at all.  Maybe Libby learned those behaviors from Dusty, or maybe Dusty is sending you signs through her sister that she's watching over you both from heaven.  I, personally, prefer the latter explanation.

I hear you, though.  It is bittersweet to see things that remind us of recent losses.  I remember the day we put Katrina to sleep, I walked into the family room and got choked up because her favorite chair was empty.  When Tigger died, it was at least a week before I stopped routinely checking lumps under the afghan on the couch - he loved to sleep curled up under that thing, and if you weren't careful you risked sitting on him by mistake.

Very sorry for your loss of Dusty.  I hope both you and Libby can eventually come to terms with your loss.  Libby is grieving too, but she is aware of your grief and I don't doubt she's trying to take care of you in her own special way.
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