My husband and I lost our precious Maltese today.  His name is Dusty and he was a very special and loving little friend to us.  Dusty was 13 1/2 years old and diabetic.  He almost died 5 years ago from eating tainted dog food and even though the vet was not very encouraging, we took Dusty home and took as good care of him as we could.   He developed diabetes and he had to take medicine daily and insulin shots twice a day.  He was a brave little trooper.  He developed cataracts and we had them removed because he was so depressed about not being able to see.  He stopped eating or even moving around.  But the day of his cataract operation and after the surgery, it was such a delight to see him come running down the hall so happy to be able to see again.  He was so full of life and love.  We loved him dearly and now miss him just as dearly.  Last night he suffered a severe cerebral vascular accident (CVA) that left him limp as a dish rag and he was unable to stand up or even sit up.  It also affected him mentally, dulling his brain to the point he didn't know where he was or what was going on and he did and didn't know us.  He just had a blank stare that just broke our hearts.  He was dehydrated from throwing up and couldn't keep anything down.  The vet kept him overnight and when we called the next morning to check on him, the vet himself got on the phone telling us about his condition and that he was going to try whatever he could to see if Dusty would respond and come back around.  Nothing worked and he didn't respond or come back around.  The vet called us and suggested we come and spend some time with Dusty which we knew wasn't a good sign.  When they brought him to us, he was totally unresponsive.  It was heartbreaking.  We talked to him and told him we loved him.  We thought we got a response but it was a small one.  We cried.  Then we made the decision to end his suffering and let him go.  It was so hard.  My husband couldn't stay and watch him go but I did stay with him and rubbed him and talked to him and told him how much we loved him and we'd see him again one day.  So heartbreaking.  He was our precious little man and he was leaving us.  The house is so empty and full of reminders.  There will never be another fur baby like him.  He will always have a special place in our hearts.  It hurts so much to lose such a good and faithful friend.  It's going to take a while to mend our broken hearts but we know he's in Heaven and will be there waiting for us but in the meantime he's well, young and happy and playing with the other fur babies in Heaven.  We know God will watch over him until we can join him there.  
Elaine Brewer
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I'm so sorry about Dusty, Ebb. I know how hard that decision was and also how hard to stay with him. I lost my little Petey 21 days ago and feel like it was yesterday. Your not alone. hang in there.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. It's such hard thing to go through. My dog died last week from Pneumonia. He also had diabetes, but he was blind.  I thought he was depressed too, and I was going to get him the operation. But I didn't think he could handle it, as the rest of his body deteriorated so fast. But he got happy again later on, it was temporary that he was sad.  I don't think my dog ever got regulated on insulin very well. He only lasted a year after diagnosis. He would have been 11 on July 13th.  At least that's what the vet told me. Because I know some dogs who get diabetes can last a super long time.  I felt I did a poor job and was very depressed about it. My dog suffered terribly in so many ways and I had to let go of so much guilt. It sounds as though you had at least made him happier by restoring his eyesight.  I wish I could have given my dog that.  I tried eye drops, and then I thought he ,may think I was making him blind as he would get so mad when I put them in.

There is no other way to express our sorrow about doing what we have to do. People who don't own pets don't realize, it's not just losing a pet, its that they don't die the way humans do. Very few people will ever have to take the responsibility to put another person out of their misery.  In that respect, it is a great power we have to be able to decide to give that gift to our animals. I'm sure if they could speak, they would tell us to do it. My poor little Spike was given false hope by the doctors, so I waited too long. I wont get another dog again for a really long time because of this.

But if there is one thing I can tell any pet owner that has had to do this, It's that if you do it while they are in a state of peace, like it sounds yours was, it is much better. I wont go into the graphic details of my dogs death for you right now, but I share your pain, and feel comforted by your words that my dog is in heaven.
Bless you tonight and I send you peaceful thoughts.
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