I am in an state of panic what I should do with my handsome boys ashes its tearing me apart I thought I knew what I was going to do. I had planned on scattering them on the sand dunes where he loved being the most, and where we have had some wonderful moments. Then I had a plaque made to put in our garden as a reminder of how much we loved and cherished each and every moment we shared, my dilemma is should I scatter half on the dunes and half in the garden?  Am I pulling him apart by separating the ashes?  I'm feeling very emotional about this and don't know what to do. I scattered all the ashes of my previous rottie in a park that she loved to play in among the bushes, at the time I knew it was the right thing to do but then began to think I had abandoned her because we never returned to the park. If I scatter half at home and half on the dunes at least he will be with us in both places. Please help X
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I am in a similar boat. When my Cody died in January we had plans to scatter his ashes where he got cremated which has a really nice open fields and also has a pet cemetery near by. We have had his ashes at home since January and now that the nicer weather is coming to scatter his ashes I am feeling conflicted. I feel like scattering them and not keeping them is like getting rid of him but then again I feel like keeping them and something happening to them or me scattering them years from now when I am healed would be even worse. 

I am not sure if scattering them more than once place is bad because I have heard of that being done for people as well so I do not think it would be pulling him apart doing that. 
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I have to go and get my Cupcake's ashes tomorrow and I feel as conflicted on how/where to do so, as you both do. But what I do know is that we are not abandoning our angels with whatever decision we chose to make. I hope you find comfort that leads you to the answer on what to do. I hope I find the same. For what it's worth, I think scattering in more than one place is a great idea. Sending Love,

-Sierre B. 
With Love,

Sierre B. 
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Chrissy, deciding on what to do with any loved one's ashes is a very personal thing and if you don't fret over it i'm sure the answer will come to your heart from duke himself.  personally, I have the ashes of my rotties (bear and chances) as well as now my two service dogs (goldie and roxie) in decorative urns and wooden box with roxie's name engraved on a metal plaque which the crematory did at no cost to me.  I have never even contemplated scattering their ashes since in my mind that would be the final moment when I had nothing left of them at all.  at least with their ashes in my possession (and ok, I know it might sound a bit selfish but when you have no one around, at least their ashes are something) connect me to the wonderful souls that loved me so much and I them.  crikey, this is really emotional for me and the only thing I can suggest is make no quick decisions and your answer will come to you - the one answer that will allow you peace and comfort.  many many hugs
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Hi Chrissy, when we got our Jim`s ashes back, it was with the intention if burying them in our back garden in his favourite spot. We even had a granite memorial made, complete with name plaque ready to go on top of them.  However, we have since changed our mind, and have now decided to keep them with us in the house, as ( however irrational it may seem ), it is like a little piece of him is still here with us.   I think it all comes down to how YOU feel, whatever gives you peace and comfort will be the right thing for you.
                             Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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Chrissy  I am sorry to hear of your conflict.  My story is.......I couldn't wait until I got Winstons ashes back.  I feel he belongs in the home we both shared for almost 9 years. They now sit on my bedside table with some of his posessions, and his paw print.  I respect your thoughts of scattering them in 2 places, both of which he Loved.  Your Heart will, in time guide you in the Perfect direction.  Prayers your way XO
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When I die I am going to be cremated. I plan on having all my dog's ashes ( so far I have two) mixed with mine or the ashes cremated along with me. Final scattering place not decided at this time. I have thought long and hard on this.... and have reached the conclusion..... where I go.. they go. That way we will always be together. Hope this helps.
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Hi Chrissy i have made arrangements that when i die i'am getting cremated then they are going to put gemma's ashes into mine then scatter us in the rememberance garden. That way i know we wtll be together again
Gemma's Daddy
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Thank you all for your thoughts.  I think I will take him with me when I next go to the seaside and see how I feel when I get there.  Tears are running down my face at the moment because I so wish this decision never had to be made and that he was back here with me.  I miss him so much my heart doesn't feel like it will ever heal.  I just keep thinking how his last visit to the vets, he jumped up into the car probably thinking he was going to the seaside and never came home.  I'm sorry my handsome boy but if love could have saved you, you would still be by my side and looking forward to your trips along the beach.  My only comfort is my belief is that one day we shall all be re-united and walk across the bridge together.  LOVE YOU DUKE xxxxxxx
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It is really wonderful that you are wanting to make sure you do right by your dog and your own healing by trying to figure out where it would be best to put his ashes. Everyone has their own ways of handling what is left of their fur babies, and although I will be keeping Teigo's with us in our house, I think it is wonderful that you want Duke's to be in places he loved being.
I don't think splitting up his ashes is the same as splitting Duke himself up. Just as we leave parts of ourselves in places that we love, so do our dogs. In having some of his ashes scattered in a place he loved being at, you are letting him keep a part of himself there, if that makes sense. You may choose when you do return to the seaside to let all of him go there, or none at all, and either decision you make will be the right one. I'm sure Duke will also be there to help guide you to what you need to do.
Teigo's Mama
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I have all my pets ashes in urns.......but..........I took about a 1/2 teaspoon out of each of their urns and blended the ashes together and
spread the ashes on a path that we used to walk, to me it gives them freedom, being outdoors, in the air where they loved to be. I never thought that this was "pulling them apart" so to speak......the ashes are the soul, and I took my beloved pets ashes and spread them on the trail that i walk each and every day...i had tears b4 doing this and months later I feel ok.

And yes, take Duke's ashes to the seaside and see how you feel then. There is no right or wrong, do what you feel in your heart.


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