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I am having a lot of trouble finding the right dry kibble for my two greyhounds, Gus and Tulsa. Gus has had major digestive issues and Tulsa often has very soft stools. I have tried several dry foods, all researched online to be sure the food meets all canine nutritional standards. Right now they are eating Nutro lamb and rice formula, but their coats have become very dry and flaky and their stools are occasionally very soft--difficult to clean up on our walks.

I read recommendations for Natural Balance sweet potato and venison and also sweet potato and fish but when I went to Natural Balance's web site, the minimum protein listed is 20% and 21%. The greyhound book I have recommends protein levels of 22-27% and that the first six ingredients of a dog food should be animal derived. Both of these list sweet potato as the first ingredient. I am confused and really hope other greyhound owners can tell me which kibble I should try. Does a lower protein level matter? Should the first six ingredients be animal derived? I would welcome any feedback--especially from anyone who has had digestive issues and dry coats. (Oh, I didn't mention that I do give pumpkin with both meals as recommended for soft stools.) Thanks!

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Hi, my yellow lab Maddie, had gastro problems from the time she was a pup. She couldn't tolerate lamb and rich for her. We even used medi-cal from the vet....full of wheat and corn.
Maddie had alot of problems from a young age. So I took her to the holistic vet....and they said...make sure their is no wheat and corn, as thats what dogs become allergic to the most, and takes a toll on her their health.
They recommended Innova..evo...very healthy, not the beef one, but the chicken one....she for the first time, was okay on dog food. Before that, she would throw up every single morning..just bile...when I took her off wheat and corn, and all the other chemicals in the food, and put her on this food...she was fine. I hope this helps.  Judy
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My daughter has a Dobie that has intense digestive issues.  They feed him Solid Gold brand, she uses Wolf King variety but she said that there are several choices and you should look at them to see which one would be best.  It is a really good, but somewhat expensive food but he does really well on it.  Good luck.
Barbara Lyngarkos
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for anyone with a dog with stomach problems the miracle food is called Lifes Abundance.

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