It will be a week today, since my beautiful 23 year old girl Persia was put to sleep. I buried her in my back yard. I thought by now for sure, I would have had a dream about her......

Any of you have a dream, or several? How long did it take you to have your first dream, and what was it about?  Kevin.
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when I lost Maddie, I wanted to dream so much of her, and I never did...not for a long time, and then it started. when the grief and pain is so huge, there is just too much in the way of being able to connect with our little loves. It will happen though...Blessings to you in your loss. Judylinn
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Yes it happens differently for everyone.
You will have a dream of Persia. 
And they can get in touch with us in many ways. Often it is through dreams, but there are other ways too. But I think in dreams we're more open.

My very first dream of Misty after she passed was about 2 weeks later. It was a weird dream, one of those 'false awakenings'. I woke up and she was getting out of bed, she shook herself, yawned, and I heard her footsteps go downstairs -just like usual. It was very realistic and ordinary. I was incredibly relieved and happy -"Oh Misty!" I called out to her "I just had a bad dream, and it went on so long! Oh I'm so glad it isn't true! I dreamed you had died. I'm getting up now, and I'll get your breakfast....just give me a minute."
Then I woke up. For real.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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I had to put my sweet old Rocky dog down July 27th...Not until this past monday did I dream about him. Then he came to me and when he came that night he brought me a puppy (he was carrying it by her collar in his mouth) he place her down by my feet and disappeared I was so sad. Then last night I dreamed again that he came to me..but he was younger and full of life, we played together for hours and then he sat with me i felt his cold nose on my face, his warm breath on my check.. it was so very real..
 I know your fur baby will come to you just give her some time :)
always here if you need to chat

Rockys mama
Rocky Dog
July 20 2000 - July 27 2013
No longer by my side....
But forever in my heart
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