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I'm so glad your baby came to visit you. I believe she was telling you that she was happy over the rainbow bridge but still misses you and loves you. 
I lost my Mazzy almost 3 weeks ago and i've had one dream similar to the one you had.  In mine I was at the beach and a woman came and brought me Mazzy, though she told me that she couldnt stay for long. I'm not sure what that meant, but everything felt so real, especially her soft little ears. So far i've had 4 dreams that she's visited in, 2 were great and the other 2 she was sick. I'm not sure what to make out of it. However I hope that she keeps on visiting me as a healthy happy pup. 
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That’s so beautiful and I’m so happy that you had that experience. Too often we try to to explain away or rationalize these types of events. I think animals are pure souls that can communicate in ways we can’t comprehend. I hope you have many more visits with her!
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