My baby and best friend Ally died because I did not know that the unnecessary vaccines and commercial dog food  were killing her. I took her to specialists who know nothing about what a dog needs, only that they could prescribe food, medicines and treatments that were killing her. She was 14 years old and the reason my reason to live. I cry every day and read all that I can about the vet industry and how they vets treat our pets like they are things not loved ones.  Please, please read up on the harm the vet industry is doing to our loved ones and how the focus of so many commercial vet business keep our pets sick so they can meet their quotas of shots, tests and Rx food. It's all a sham and one day I hope to see a class action law suit filed against the leading large vet businesses for loss of support to you and me. I will cry every day for a long time, but, now I know why my sweet Ally had to go. So I could tell others about the sham we call veterinary care. Love to you all.
Carol Salerno
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I put down my baby because of cluster seizures ( several seizures in a row) very hard to watch and ugly disease, he had epilepsy. I have wondered if vaccines caused this, I read that if a dog gets sick with distemper and survive it , they might develop epilepsy later in life. Did my dog develop seizures because of the distemper vaccine?
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