I lost my baby on Dec 6, 2019 six days short of his 12 th birthday😞. He was gonna be 12 yrs old., he started to slow down and he stopped eating, he had an appointment to see the vet the following day but he didn't make it., he was my first pet baby and was by me when I, myself was very sick, I had a liver transplant in 2010, he stayed by my side when I was sick., Thank god, I got better and from then on we were together day and night, everywhere I went he would go., it's been a month and I still can't get over him, I cry myself to sleep every night, I sleep with his t-shirt on my pillow next to me., He always wore a tshirt cause he had skin problems., I couldn't bear to throw them away so I made a blanket out of them,
My husband and I both r felling so much grief, we never knew it was gonna hurt this much.,
Sometimes, I feel like I'm going crazy and just want to yell and I break down crying...
I don't know if I am ever gonna be able to love another pet., I don't know if I can handle this pain again.,,
I just needed to talk to some one that understood where I'm coming from..
Sylvia Sanchez
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Sylvia, I am very sorry. You gave him a wonderful life and he was there to get you through a health crisis. I totally understand how you feel. My husband very upset and feels like you, doesn’t want to go another again, seeing a pet get ill then pass. I agree but I’m for getting another, not now but down the road...they bring so much joy into your life my girl was with me 24/7, we did everything together. I brought her home at 10 wks, trained her and she lived till 10 yrs 3 months. She was such a good dog, well mannered and affectionate dog. There will never be another dog like Lily. Hugs to you.... I’m trying to stick to my walk schedule to honor her, we did it daily, weather permitting. I’m putting a collage frame of Lily and Ginger together, to hang on the wall.
Linda *Mom to two boxer angels* Lily {White Girl} 6/22/09 - 10/14/19  ** Ginger {Flashy Fawn Girl} 6/4/97 - 5/28/09
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"I sleep with his t-shirt on my pillow next to me."

I totally get it. My beloved cat Diego passed away last month. Every night he slept right next to my pillow. He was all-black.

I couldn't stand having an empty void where he used to sleep so I folded-up a dark-colored hoodie and laid it beside my pillow. Kept it there for days. I'd even reach over during the night to "pet" it. Imagining it was Diego. I couldn't bear to wash his food and water bowls either because I felt it would be admitting he was truly gone and I wasn't ready for that.

On my Power Walk yesterday, a Whitney Houston song I have on my iPod started playing: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". I had changed the words and used to sing it to Diego:

"Oh, I wanna dance with some KITTY
I wanna feel the heat with some KITTY
Yeah, I wanna dance with some KITTY
With some KITTY who loves me.

It made me cry. It made me smile. Weeks ago I would've only been able to cry.

Peace be with you.
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