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Originally Posted by Kai_Baby1

This is why I call you little Angel!! Thank you for visiting my baby!! Now, you can know one of the many faces who is playing with and loving sweet Big Boy now. I was reading some of your posts and I so hope that I am not out of place, yell at me if I am, that is fine. But, I agree with, I think it was Charlie's mom? that you should tell your sweet little daughter where Big Boy is now. You know children just like the four legged's are so much stronger than we give them credit for. It is also important for you to know that your precious girl is so very lucky to have a mom as loving as you and that the love you share will get her through the sadness. Yes, of course she will be sad to learn that he has moved house so to speak, but she will also be thankful to you knowing that you knew she was brave enough to hear the truth. Moreover, what if she were to find out from somewhere else where Big Boy was then she would be shattered. You could always tell her about the rainbows bridge first and show her pictures and then tell her. Whatever way you chose to tell her you have to know she will be ok for she has you, darling YOU!

Things are so hard for all of us here, but I am so glad we have each other.  I am really sick with a fever and work is an en enormous struggle. Didn't go again today. Actually, everything is an immense struggle,.. you know... just breathing,... eating..., sleeping.... all the basic functions in life have become such a formidable task..all i want to do is be close to my Kai girl darling. Having friends like you here has allowed me to do that. If it were not for you and other loving souls here I seriously do not know what would have become of me. So I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart for being there for me when those I loved have abondend me in my darkest time. I really do not think you can ever know how much it has meant to me. It's getting late here so I must at least try to sleep even for a few hours. Sending warm healing smiles to you, lots of love to you, Big Boy and your precious little one. xxoo

Thank you so much for your sweet words my precious Helena! I was just reading your post to baby Kai, and seeing the sweet picture of you and Kai has me smiling and crying like a baby, all at the same time! Only you and my Big Boy have the power to do that to me, lol! I look at his pictures every day and they make me smile, fill my heart with so much joy, some even make me laugh bc he is such a funny kitty 😹, but at the same time crying my heart out bc I miss him so very much! This has been the longest struggle of grief I have ever experienced in my 38 years, but thanks to YOU, the other kind souls here, and this page..I know I’m gonna make it! I see the new faces that come here every day, and I feel for them so much! I wish we all lived in the same place so we could all have these meetings face to face! I would love nothing more than to talk, cry, and hug it out with everyone here. I remember those first few days, just last week, and so I know the terrible, unbearable pain they’re experiencing right now at this very moment. Some ppl are skeptics, and that’s fine bc everyone has their own beliefs..but with all of the love here that we all share for our sweet babies that have passed on, there’s no way that our babies are just gone. There’s no way they’re not somehow connected on the other side just as we are connected here. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that they are at the rainbow bridge, happy and healthy, playing, and waiting patiently for our arrival! There’s just no other way it could be! When I talked to Big Boy and asked him for a sign, and then saw the moon-bow the same night, and found the article about the spiritual meaning, I was blown away!! I’ve actually been able to function a little more normal since that day! I still miss him terribly, and God himself knows how much I love that little sweet face, but I’m finally content! I haven’t asked for a sign since that day bc that was enough for me! I know it took a lot for Big Boy to send me that sign to let me know he’s okay, and now I believe him! I would love for him to send me more signs, and I would love to see him every night in my dreams..but the extra mile he had to have gone to bring me such a huge sign is more than enough to move mountains and I am so very thankful! What are the odds of me never even hearing of a moon-bow, much less seeing one and reading about it, the same night I asked him to send me a sign that he’s okay? I’m finally at peace. I have decided to tell my little girl the truth, I told my son last week. He’s older, so he understands a little better. I’m going to do exactly as you mentioned, tell her about the rainbow bridge, and show her all the pictures of these sweet, gorgeous babies that he’s made new friends with now! I think she will be a little sad, but I also think she will really love to know that there is such a place, where all of our sweet babies go when they leave this cruel world. Thank you again my sweet friend, for all that you say and do, for me and so many others here! And as always, sending love, hugs, and prayers to you and your sweet, beautiful Kai! ❤️❤️
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