I thought I would share this post again, as I feel it was truly written by my Jasper as he was crossing over the bridge. I have written a few stories about my sweet boy where I believe that someway, somehow I was able to channel his spirit and his energy, but I do believe this piece of writing is the special one, not mine but his. This is Jasper's masterpiece, a letter he wrote to his mommy from the other side, all the way across the rainbow.  
Hi mommy, it's me Jasper. It was so wonderful seeing you in the dream the other night, and when you picked me up and held me so close to your heart, it seemed so real, and it felt as though we were both right here in heaven. The last thing I ever wanted was for you to have to leave me and go back, but we both know it is just not your time yet. I want to let you know that even though our time on earth was cut so short, and we should have had so many more years together, the time we did have was filled with such happiness, such sweetness, and such a special love. I miss you so much, and I know how much you miss me, as I hear you so often call my name, and I watch as the tears stream down your face when you look through the pictures of our life together, and I can so feel the sadness in every single word you write to me.

Mommy, I never want you to focus on our last few days together when I was so very sick, and I could actually feel your heart breaking a little bit at a time, as I slowly went downhill and lost my struggle to stay with you I want you to try to forget that cold, dark night as you walked out of that animal hospital with my empty carrier, oh how I wanted to let you know I was still so close. I tried so hard to stay here with you mommy, and I know you would have moved heaven and earth to keep me with you. I heard your prayers to God to save me, I heard your pleas to the doctor to save me, but I was hurting so badly and the light just looked so warm and inviting. I know you tried so very hard to hold back the tears just for me so that I would not be afraid, always protecting me right up until our very last goodbye.  I want to thank you for using every last ounce of strength and courage within yourself to love me enough to let me go.

 I could feel you holding me in our very last moments together mommy, I felt you gently kiss my head as your tears fell down upon me, and even though I know it was the hardest thing you have ever done, I want to thank you for helping me to cross over. When I first started walking across the bridge, I remembered the very first time our eyes met, and I remembered the very first time you picked me up and held me in your arms, and all of a sudden, I was not scared anymore, because you were still with me then, as I am still with you now, as we wait for the wonderful day when we can walk into that beautiful light together. I want you to always remember one thing, I know without a doubt how very much you love me, and I am so thankful we found each other, even if only for a little while .... I am so happy you chose me.

 I'm really not that far from you, I am only a breath and a heartbeat away, and I can feel your love for me even now after all this time. Time is so different here at the bridge, we all live in the moment, and there is no sadness or pain here, as we wait for our forever mommy's and daddy's to come home to us. Reach your hand out to the sky mommy, and I will reach my paw out clear across that rainbow, and we will be forever connected by our special bond of love. Don't be sad mommy, we will find each other again, and I will come back and visit you from time to time. When you feel that warm sunbeam where I used to lay, that is me, when a flower petal gently wafts down and kisses your face, that is me, when you see one single pawprint in the snow, that is me. Don't be sad mommy, just keep looking up at the sky, I am going to send you the most beautiful rainbow ever to make all those broken pieces of your heart come back together again. I will be waiting for you mommy ... Love, Jasper
Pamela Lynne Crawford
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Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I really needed to read it.
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Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter. It has brought a flood of tears to my eyes. What an emotional, beautiful tribute to your Jasper. I know they don't want us to be sad.  They want us to know how much our love meant to them and they are with us forever.  
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