It's been 3 days now since you've been gone my sweet little Dolly and the tears haven't stopped. Everywhere I look, you're not there, not under my feet, not beside my bed, not waiting at the top of the stairs when i come up from the basement. You were almost 16, you stopped eating and drinking and when we took you to the vet he said bloodwoork and rehydrating couldnt guarantee you'd survive. Daddy and \i made the awful awful decision to end your suffering and send you to the rainbow bridge. Since then I'm wracked with pain wondering did I give up on you too soon? My poor sweet girl I wish I could just see you one more time, your little furry face and the little bites on my nose if I put my face to you.
There'll never be another furry little Buttons  to snuggle, The hole you've left behind is infinite.
I pray you'll be waiting for me someday my lovely one, I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

LOve you forever my darling dog Dolly, my little one. 417969_10152807800440304_683028416_n.jpg
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I'm so sorry you lost your darling Dolly. Be assured she has plenty of wonderful friends to love her and play with her, including my Murphy, while she waits for you. Her unconditional love for you will never die for she lives within your heart.

Murphy's Mom (Kathryn)
"Sometimes there is a dog who is so special, he is able to wrap himself so completely around your heart it is impossible to tell where you begin and he ends."  For My Beloved Murphy, 08/31/2004 - 06/18/2014
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I'm so sorry you lost Dolly. I remember so well those first few days after losing Lucy, the pain seems unbearable. We all have guilt no matter how we lost our babies. Know that you would never have made a decision that would not be right for your Dolly. Wishing you peace.
~ Leah
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Sorry for you loss, Dolly is adorable.  We can only do so much to save our fur babies, Dolly knows you loved her and she will be waiting for you.
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Thank you so much everyone. It's still so raw but I wanted to say how much I just appreciate this.
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Dolly is so cute! I am very sorry for your loss. You seem to have loved her so very much and she will always know that. Many here understand the pain that you feel now.  Whatever the circumstances may be we are never truly ready to say good-bye to our beloved fur companions. May you have peace and healing in the coming days,..............Sincerely, Andrea
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The first Sunday without you my dear baby. Your corner is so empty and  I think I'm still in shock.I'm trying to heal my dear girl. I'm praying with everything I have you're safe and happy and frolicking like the kooky pup you always were. I still haven't felt or even smelled your presence. I'm asking God everytime I fall asleep to bring you to me, just one last time so that I may see your furry wee face and your bad breath. I worry this may never happen.
I just want to know you were ready to go, that you are ok.

My dear sweet button face, you're with me forever, I hope with all my soul I  will see you at the rainbow bridge.
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A week, down to the hour now my baby girl. I still miss you. I'll never forget that last moment, your little head relaxing and rested on my hand. My girl your part of my soul forever.
I swear I woke up to hear you breathing on the bed beside me last night, I'm not sure tho, I pray it was.
I pray you're running around and nipping noses and being so happy. I want to see your little furry face again someday and wipe your eyes and put your hair in various styles. lol you loved any pampering.
I'm still holding you in my heart Dols, mommy is still here thinking about you and being thankful I had all those wonderful years with you. We went through quite a bit didn't we and you were always there.
I'll love you forever my doggy girl.

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