Kali passed away 2 weeks ago tomorrow. The first few days were terrible but I have been able to go back to work and make it through each day okay. Nights are tougher. I think about her all the time at night and especially when I’m home. I am worried about my other dog. He seems so lonely. I have been taking him for more walks but he used to love to play with the tennis ball and isn’t really into it anymore. I feel like he played with it before out of competition. He just seems so lonely. I don’t want to get another dog but I wonder if it will help him.

When Kali passed away it was very sudden. I’m sure he didn’t know what was going on. I literally took her to the vet because she was lethargic and had a temp. Then at the vet they figured out she had a tumor on her spleen and she was basically in surgery a couple hours later. She didn’t make it through surgery. She was only 11. I thought I would have 4 more years with her. I still just can’t understand how she was just gone so quickly. I thought she’d make it through surgery and be okay. Anyway I just can’t think about any of that. I had the best 11 years with her. I just want to try to help my other dog. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? My heart will never stop missing my Kali and I think it will always feel like something is missing but I just feel so bad for my lonely guy.
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Brittni I’m so so very sorry about Kali. She’s a beautiful girl. My situation was similar to yours. My girls were bottle fed litter mates and Tankie died at 10 from renal failure. She was the strong one, the leader and her sister was just as lost as I was. Two weeks after she died we found 2 more tumors on her sisters spleen. Her sister is Browns, she needed surgery. Not an emergency surgery like Kali but the tumors could rupture so it was needed soon. Browns is the kind of dog that’s needs another dog. We are all she’s known since birth but she needed a canine companion to bring her out of her depression because they wouldn’t operate while she was mourning so deeply. I got her a rescue puppy. Brittni she hates other dogs, always has. But it worked. She had the surgery about 3 weeks after we got the pup.
Getting this lil guy drew her out of herself. We’ve had him a little over a year and it’s all good.
We did the extra walks and showered her with love but some dogs just need one of their own to feel complete. I know this is one if not the hardest things you’ve been through and I know what a good person you are because in the midst of your grief you’re thinking of your other one first❣️ Big hugs for you both,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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