While I’ve found plenty of appetite stimulant ideas, what if he won’t drink?? He’s 13+ and is barely drinking. Any ideas help. Thank you!
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Give him pedilyte from a dropper. It has electrolytes and potassium for dehydration. Giving it by dropper keeps aspiration to a minimum. I hope this helps your baby!
Tracy Haynes
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You might want to try and electronic fountain (mini-waterfall) too. Available at your local pet store. I hope your pup begins to drink and feels better soon. Keep in mind - canned food with extra gravy can also be a plus. That will really help keep him hydrated, by at least 70% from what I have read.

All best,
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If your dog is over 13 and not drinking I would suggest checking in with your vet.  Good luck! I know it’s a huge worry but hopefully the vet can give you some peace of mind. 
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