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So to give you a bit of background I have a 9 year old Lhasa Apso.  Such a good boy.  About 2 years ago he had to have bladder surgery to remove stones.  After surgery we obviously had to switch his diet.  He did okay for a bit but then he started having diarrhea off and on with lots of mucus and blood.  He has always been a very timid dog and gets stressed easily.  We took switched to a different urinary food and he seemed okay on it for a while then it all started up again. 

So we took him to the vet and they did xrays and his stomach was bloated.  They noted that his intestinal lining was thickened and it could indicate lymphoma.  They did a stool float panel and found he had roundworm.  We treated it and his symptoms cleared up yet again for a few months.  (all these tests were done in March of 2018).  In June my wife and I divorced and so the dog came with me.  His stool problems of being fine then going to bloody mucus messes have increased. 

The new vet I went to said he suspected IBD so he switched him to a hydrolized protein diet which seemed to help for about 5 weeks but we are back to square one again.  They did some bloodwork which showed just slightly elevated wbc and did another stool float which came back negative for parasites.  They sent another blood panel to the GI center in Texas to try and get a better picture.  After that its utrasound but the doc made it clear the only definitive way to distinguish between IBD and Lymphoma is biopsy via exploratory surgery.  I dont want to do that to him. 

My only ray of hope is if it was indeed Lymphoma that we saw signs of back in March wouldnt theoretically he already have passed away with no treatment?  He is a little more whiney and lethargic than normal which I put down to the divorce coping... but overall he eats, drinks and plays much like normal.

Any thoughts or advice?  Thank you.


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I’m so sorry to hear about your little dog being ill. It’s so hard when you love them so much. My only caution would be that animals hide their pain. It goes back to a “prey” instinct. So I would watch him very carefully. If he continues to be lethargic or whiny then I think those would be red flags. I’m sorry to say this as I know it’s not what any pet lover wants to hear. I’m also not sure if IBS causes bleeding. Please post updates on how he is doing. Sending you my very best wishes.
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