My dog, calla is a very caring sweet puppy. She has protection problems as well though. Today she attacked my other dog, and with that my dad said we have to take her to the pound. I'm very scared because she made me feel safe. I have just moved to and everything is changing. Please help
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Oh my. I’m so sorry. How about working with a trainer to help your dog. Instead of bringing her to the pound.
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What has happened at the moment?
It isn't too late for Calla. It's possible to get her trained with a canine behaviourist. Yes I know that will cost some money but it is better than the pound.
Talk to your Dad if he will listen. I don't know how old you are, but you maybe could find some work to pay the costs? I also don't know if you could go get her back if you have surrendered her....possibly?

As an emergency measure, at first it would be best to separate the two dogs maybe, before getting help?
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After a move it is common for dogs to be stressed and scared. Try telling your dad that this has been hard on Calla and that she isn't inherently dangerous for lashing out. She just doesn't understand that she doesn't need to protect you from the other dog.
It can take a bit to introduce two dogs to each other, but the "taste of blood" thing some people might bring up is a hurtful myth. Just because she attacked once doesn't mean she's going to stay that way. Your dog can be trained not to be aggressive towards the other one, and it's equal parts getting her comfortable in the new home, and equal parts watchful training and leadership. Try to separate the two in the meantime and gently introduce her to the idea of sharing a living space with the other dog.
Why did the altercation occur? If it was food aggression try feeding them in different rooms.
Try teaching her to be independent and not overprotective by socializing her with other dogs and people whenever possible. Let her understand that others might get to come up close or play and that's okay. A muzzle isn't just a last resort and can be used when teaching her to tolerate and socialize with others to avoid accidental injury.
Dogs aren't something that can be thrown away and your dad should be trying to understand that behavior problems are easy enough to fix with time and effort. Especially if there's still another dog in the house.
I hope things turn out for you in the end.
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Dear Wendy,

I am so sorry for what you are going through and worrying about. I read that you are 11 years old on your profile. That is very young to be worried and concerned about such things. You can tell how much you care about Calla. It is written in all of your words about her sweetie.

The others are right, and gave good advice. I would also ask your Father if Calla (as long as she is not endangering you) can stay in your bedroom with you and you can take her outside for walks etc. in your backyard if you have one, or locally. Please don't wander too far from home though and be careful. But Calla would probably prefer to be with you anyway.

Try and ask your Dad in a mature way, but with sincerity. Tell him that Calla makes you fell safe and you like that she is protective of you. That the World is a dangerous place and she makes you worry less about such things. Good luck!

I hope everything works out and that you will take care. 

All best,
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