It’s summertime! Summer is a delightful season both for dogs and humans. But if you are not careful enough, the hot temperature can kill your pup. Dogs can get heat stroke, just like humans. This year the temperature is too high, and it’s a greater risk than usual. The hotter the temperatures, the greater the risks. The temperatures are becoming extremes because of the global warming. This year in Sydney the highest temperature in the city’s history ever recorded is 45.8 degrees. So be careful. Take care of yourself and your pup too. Remember that your dog cannot cool himself off as you do. So you must make sure that your dog is comfortable and out of danger during this summer.

dog health care
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Thank you so very much for this post! I know of a tragic situation - neighbors parked the car in the shade (at the mall) left a window open and cool water with ice and their dog died. People, please leave your dog at home! These folks were trying to be kind but I guess the sun shifted or it was just too hot. I don't know but I feel so angry at this stupidity and how much this poor guy suffered. Thanks again for your post!!!
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