Hi, I'm new to this forum, but have done some browsing of the threads.. 

My best friend's dog has cancer.. he's an 11 year old chocolate lab.. He's been very well taken care of but he does have a thyroid problem. He was taken to an emergency vet the other night because the dog wouldn't lay down, was breathing a bit heavier than usual and wouldn't stop pacing. They found a tumor, and at the time, it looked like it was on his spleen.. Unfortunately, it's on his liver... the vet said surgery wouldn't do much, because the cancer will just continue to spread and pop up other spots... 

We are heartbroken.. this dog is a 'big brother' to my cat, as we were roommates for 6 years... 

My question is, what can we do to ensure our buddy is in the least amount of pain and (if anything) what can we do to slow this cancer? Does anyone have experience with CBD for animals? Should we switch his diet to real food (boiled chicken, eggs, beef)? Any vitamins or supplements? 

His appetite hasn't gone away. He's still playing with their other dogs. He's been on light pain medicine (given by the vet), which has been helping him with getting a sound night of sleep.

Thanks in advance for any tips, tricks or insight. 
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I’m sorry to hear this diagnosis. It is good to hear he still has an appetite and playing. I pray you and your friend get more quality time with him. Treasure every day with him. My boxer had the same darn cancer. I didn’t do anything special. She was diagnosed in July 2019 and was doing well till end of September. My girl was losing weight and had no appetite, so I cooked her whatever she would eat. As time went on, she got worse in October.
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Thank you, BoxerMomForever, for your prayers, kind thoughts, and support. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your boxer(s). Cancer truly is the worst, but it sounds like you did anything and everything you could to make your loved ones as comfortable as possible. We certainly are treasuring every moment with our sweet Knox. 
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