I've made the hard decision to put my older dog to sleep. He has been my baby for 8 wonderful years. When he turned 5 I got him a baby brother pug for his birthday. The 3 of us do everything together, from hiking, swimming, eating out, road trips, restaurants. When I take Prince to the vet, does the younger one need that closure too? Is it normal to bring the other dog to "say goodbye" or am I putting my emotions on him? I also dont want to leave him at home alone while I take his companion and not return with him.
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Hi Tamietann,  I am sorry that you are in this situation and will have to say goodbye to your fur baby.  My sympathies to you.  When I put my 22-year old Miranda kitty to rest two weeks ago, the vet suggested that I take home her blanket and other items and let my remaining cat, Trixie, smell them.  Apparently, anything with the deceased pet's smell on it (as gory as it sounds, the smell of her death) helps remaining pets understand that they are gone.  

When I returned home from the vet after putting Miranda to rest, Trixie looked at me very oddly for a few minutes until I let her smell the blanket and other things (my shirt, the carrier).  Once she had a good sniff around, she seemed to be okay.  Who's to say if it really does help or not, but it was worth trying.  Trixie is still adjusting, and I don't think she likes being an only cat, but so far she is doing okay.  It might be very different for dogs though, especially given that the three of you went places together. 

Good luck to you and blessings to your pets. 
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