So it's only been 4 days, since our Sadie Mae crossed the rainbow bridge, and I know that's not a lot of time, but honestly, it's feeling worse every day ?
I think when she first passed, I was in somewhat of disbelief, or denial. But now its really sinking in, that I will never see our beautiful girl again.... At least here on Earth, in flesh and fur....

Of course to be honest with myself too, the fact that I'm on the 3rd (and final) day of a hardcore driving weekend, where I will be in my car for about 48 hours of a 54 hour period, without a lot of real sleep, that probably makes a big difference psychologically speaking too.

Anyway, I dunno. Just kind of thinking out loud I guess....
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Dear Chris,

Yes. You no doubt experiencing the 7 Stages of Grief. And are cycling through them. As many of us are also experiencing or have gone through, like our Grief Veterans here on the forum.

Dr. Kübler-Ross who is noted for creating the original 5 Stages of Grief, refined her model to include seven stages of loss, and this has been revised by others over time.

7 stages of Grief model is a more in-depth analysis of the components of the grief process.

seven stages include:

1.) Shock and Disbelief
2.) Denial
3.) Guilt
4.) Anger & Bargaining
5.) Depression, Loneliness, Reflection
6.) Reconstruction and Working Through
7.) Acceptance.

Here is an interesting link with more information:

Kind regards,
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FishChris I'm so sorry you're having to grieve in such a fashion.  I think it would be so much easier on you if you could just be home and grieve in privacy.  Four days isn't nearly enough time.  I think I was in shock for the first couple of days.  Shock, denial and anger are much easier to deal with than the stage of depression and loneliness.  Those two are killers.....

Teri Milbourn
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