every since my dog died this past Christmas, I’ve been very depressed and crying every day. I am so angry too. Mostly at myself for not getting a second opinion but also angry at the vet for telling me she had a tumor in her intestines (when I found out later there was no tumor). 

Every day I think about my dog nonstop and what I could have done to save her. I have nightmares that I saved her and then I wake up miserable. Nothing matters to me anymore and I don’t see life ever getting better. She was my best friend 

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Hi Lily123.Sorry for your loss of your best friend.There'll be days when appointment or something will take time for a few minutes,then you realize your fur baby not here.I'm still here sense Oct.I also questioned the avian saying my oscay had lung disease,all of a sudden?3weeks later he flew into heaven.Please remember we're here.Hugs
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I’m very sorry. It takes time. Five months for me and I’m doing better.  but there are days when I’m alone and I dwell on the loss, well the sadness returns.... hang in there, we are here to listen. 
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I'm sorry for your loss.  This is the best place I've found for support and some comfort.  So many here and we are all going thru the same thing, different stages.  I have never felt pain quite like this ever.  I get sad, I get angry, and the loneliness can be unbearable.  We all want the same thing....I want my baby back!  I think we all re-live that day..I know l do.  Be strong, remember the good, live thru the tears, and know you'll be together again.
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