I found out we can pick up Jake's (my dog) remains today. Part of me is relieved to be bringing him home but part of me (the selfish part) only wants the whole Jake back. I have to keep reminding myself he is in a better place, but it still breaks my heart. We put him down less than a week ago (1/7) so it is still so fresh...

Did any of you find some measure of peace by having your baby cremated and returned to you?
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((bondon)) first let me say how very sorry I am for your loss.  To answer your question, everyone deals with their healing in different ways.  I myself felt as though my babies were home when I picked up their remains , now don't get me wrong it is hard and even after months and even years I still have my days to cry.  But as for my healing I can say, "yes" is did help me in my healing I felt as though I could touch them again, we kiss our babies each night before we go to bed.  And visit our little PRincess in her resting place. 
May you find peace and some comfort as you bring your baby home.
Continued prayers for your healing
Debbie Princess, Kaizer and MAddie's mom
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I got D.O.G.'s ashes back and I have next to me it has help a little for know he really gone as as the pain it's been a month for me and today i had a melt down, the pain is what is and hopefully it get better, but having him does make me feel like he came home...

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My dog was buried in a pet cemetary, and I have found that it does help me to visit, to talk to her there, and to honor her site with flowers, etc.

Sorry for your loss, and for all those here who are grieving the loss of thier baby.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I know that it is a very difficult time you are going through now.

Making the decision to have your beloved friend cremated or buried is a terrible and final decision to make- it is upsetting for all of us.  However, having my Mollie cremated two months ago felt like the only right thing for me to do- then I could have her home again with me.

The place that did the cremation handled everything with taste, respect and sensitivity (so much more than I was expecting!) - they helped to make a very difficult time a little easier.

While Mollie's remains were in a lovely container, every time I looked at it, I thought of a crematorium and couldn't bear it any more.  I then went to an artist I know who made an elegant lidded urn for me in the beautiful browns of Mollie's coat.   I still cry over her a lot, but I am so glad that she is back with me - to me, having her back home has helped- I could not imagine how crazy I would have become if I did not have at least some physical contact with her.

My thoughts are with you,

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I am very sorry for your loss. 

I have yet to pick up our Dutchess' remains from the vet -- I am still awaiting their call.  It has only been two days, but my heart is so very heavy and I have so much sadness. I just can't imagine life without her.

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Jakes Mummy,
I'm afraid I have lost too many Babies over the years.All I can say is the pain of their loss never lessens and I hate to be parted with them,to bring their ashes/cremains home again does fill a little bit of the hole they leave behind,but its very hard at times to accept that this is all that remains of your Baby this side of life.But it does bring a sense of being reunited.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Jake.
Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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I have to say that having Jake "home" has brought a small sense of peace to my family and I. His remains came back in a complimentary wooden urn. I actually like it as it's not breakable so have decided to keep and had a small silver plate engraved to adhere to it that simply says JAKE  1996 - 2010. His silver collar drapes over the box.

On one side sits our favorite picture of Jake in a frame, and on the other side in a frame sits the Rainbow Bridge poem. A "willow tree" angel holding a dog was taken from my collection and added to Jake's area, where he forever remains in our family room.

It's been one week today, and still I cry as I miss him!
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I have just been told my Cindy 's ashes are waiting at the vet . I am so happy and sad at the same time . I need her near ... Does it ever feel better ? I am always questioning , what if I had caought it earlier , I am getting my husband another maltese because cindy was his service dog but I can't even begin to think of names it is like I am betraying her .  The breeder asked me and I burst into tears 

  Annie Cindy Luvs Mom

Anne Candreva
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Take your time, and make your decisions slowly and carefully...don't put a lot of pressure on yourself.

If you have family members who understand, maybe invite them to meet you at home when you bring Cindy home - do a kind of home service, maybe have flowers, read prayers, etc.   Do whatever your heart tells you feels right and appropriate.

If your new dog is intended to be your husband's service dog, maybe let him take the lead in choosing a new name? Then he can be a part of it, and you won't feel as much of a sense of guilt.  If he is able, maybe talk together about Cindy and what your needs and expectations are of the new service pet.  Help each under to know where you are in your feelings and emotions.

I'll keep you and your Cindy in my prayers.
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We also had our Hayley cremated.  My plan is not to keep her ashes, but to scatter them in a place that she loved. She always went on vacation with us and we called her "hunter dog" or "explorer dog" because she always had to go first and loved leading us down paths in the woods. We also belong to a Sportsman's Club and may scatter her ashes there. We all spent many a weekend camping at the club. That is where my family who also belongs to the club, has scattered the ashes of their dear departed furry friends.  I just don't know yet.

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sorry about your loss. this is the first cat that i have had and lost last friday at age 14. after talking to some friends i have decided to cremate him and keep his ashes and picure frame in a nice place at home.
i have not gone through this before so i have no clue how i feel but i don't think it will get worse that how i feel right now. 
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We just brought our Tunaka's ashes home today. I spent my third day in a row crying non stop about every possible aspect of losing him that you can imagine. We requested to get his ashes back and his paw print in clay. This morning I was thinking about how I might react when getting the ashes. "Oh my god, it won't really be him.... how terrible to have his body reduced to such a small, shameless size." After going and picking up the ashes and getting them home I feel nothing but relief in knowing that he is here with us. He is home where he loved to be. 
This spring we plan to build a special garden for Tunaka and till his remains in the soil and plant raspberry bushes. He loved to go berry picking with me and eat the berries. This will be our memorial to him. A place where he will be in our sight, our hearts and a place where he may contine exist forever.
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There was no question for us that we'd have Babe cremated.  I found it  did make it a little better when I got my precious girl's ashes home.  The pet crematory here did such a wonderful job.  I could feel the love when I got her back - the love she had for me & the love she was treated with by them.  They even saved me a lock of her hair.  She is on my dresser, next to my favorite picture of her & the 'angel dog' ornament my husband bought me.  He also had a dog tag made for me with a an angel & her name & her years.  I wear this next to my heart everyday.  Today I am having a bad day and I don't know why.  It's been 5 weeks and 2 day and I miss her so much.  I know part of the problem is I haven't had time to mourn really.  I am the type that needs to be alone to cry and get it out of my system.  My husband and friends have yet to let me have that.  Hubby even 'made' me keep my hair appointment the day she died.   I sat in the chair crying the whole time. 

As the other posters have said, you need to decide what is best for you.  I wish you and everyone here that is hurting peace and love.
~ V
Babe's Mommy
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Mahatma Gandhi
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I am so sorry for all of your losses... this is just so hard.
It will be one week tonight that our precious little Foot Foot passed on.. it feels wrong even typing that. the day it happened was so tough and then each day since has been pretty ok with moments of tears and sadness. then yesterday we brought home her ashes and i've been so much worse since then. i've just been hopelessly crying with few moments of relief. the Rainbow Bridge poem sends me into hours of sobs and i just feel like i can't move. i feel useless and tired.. i miss her so much.

it is different for everyone though i'm sure. and think the reason it is so hard for me to have her ashes back is that it was the last step in a long process. first you notice they are aging, then health problems, then illness, then gets worse and so on.. the ashes were the last real step and now there is nothing more to do. she is just gone,,,, nothing else to do now..

i feel all of your pain here... at least take some comfort in knowing you are NOT alone on this difficult journey.
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