My little Freddie died a couple of weeks ago, he had been hit by a car and we found him not long after. Whilst finding him dead and his death was horrific I try to see the positives that at least it was me and my partner that found him so we could treat him with dignity and give his little body a cuddle and wrap him in his favourite towel, we had seen him less than 2 hours before so he hasn't been alone long and the vet sais he would have died almost instantly without pain. I try to focus on how blessed I was to have had such a gorgeous fun loving cat in my life who loved me unconditionally and I hope still does.
But I am heartbroken and I find it so much worse at night, I cant sleep because I am just longing to know he is ok and to hold him one last time.
I was away over the Christmas period and now I have come home I feel like I am going crazy. We had not been in our first home together long before we got our first pets together Freddie and Nooks. Every inch of the house is filled with memories of them and I find it both reassuring and devastating and torturous at the same time.

I keep seeing flashes of black run past me in the corner of my eye or keep thinking I see him curled up in his favourite spots. He was a little black and white cat and any time I see someone's boots at the bottom of the stairs I think it's him, or a black scarf at the bottom of the bed and even though I know he is gone for a second my heart jumps with excitement. Is this normal? Does anyone else have this? Do you think the little flashes I'm the corner of our eyes is them letting us know they are always with us? I hope so x
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So sorry for your loss.  The loss of a furbaby is devastating under any circumstances.  Sounds like your little guy is trying to let you know he is okay.  No matter when/where/how they leave us, THEY are in a better place.  We are the ones left to suffer and grieve.  They loved us unconditionally and they lived day to day, as should we all.  Peace to you, so sorry for your loss.  Hugs from me and Dali

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again


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Hi Emmylou,

I'm very sorry for the abrupt loss of your sweet Freddie. It is completely normal to feel like you're seeing Freddie around the house. I lost my tabby McCartney back in July and that happened to me constantly in the following weeks, and still does every now and then. You get so used to life with them that it sometimes doesn't feel like they're gone. And yes, perhaps the little flashes in the corners of our eyes is them letting us know they're still with us. I hope and pray for it. God bless.

~I love you eternally, McCartney boy~

You can visit my kitty McCartney's Rainbow Bridge Memorial here: http://www.rainbowbridge.com/residents/MCCAR001/Resident.htm

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I'm sorry you lost your cat and under the circumstance in which it happened.  Its hard when your so use to having that friendly face by your side.  My first night with out my dog was hard my bed felt incredibly naked it was like trying to sleep with out blanket.  I'm happy you are able to try and focus on the positives though...many people find that hard to do.  I to saw my girl everywhere and it was incredibly hard.  I would remember different memories involving her when I would be out in the yard or in the bathroom (she loved to lay on the rug while I got ready) I even am convinced I saw her sitting in my daughters room once.  Its nice to feel their presence but it can also be a little heartbreaking as well.  I'm sure your Freddie will forever be by your side in spirit just like my girl is with me.  
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Thank you for your kind comments everyone. It is lovely to feel his presence in my memory and I know he will always be there but it still is hard.

Have you found the grief easier to manage? At the moment it feels overwhelming and I hate myself for wanting this pain to go because I feel guilty as though that means I want to forget about Freddie which isn't the case at all. I just want to be able to smile when I think of his beautiful little face not sad.

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