3-4 yrs ago my 1st Siamese cat passed due to a illness we caught too late. It was really sad but we got through it. 2-3 months later I was walking home after having a bad day and just randomly asked God to give me a sign that life is going to get better.
That's when out of nowhere a Siamese kitten pops up next to me and starts to follow me home. Like literally he followed me right into my house and walked past my 2 dogs and jumped on my couch and sat in the exact spot my old Siamese use to sit.
I got chills when he did that. My dogs instantly acted like they knew him.
I had him for 1 yr before some lowlife monster took his life but I'll always remember that and hope he's able to find his way back to me again and I'll make sure nothing ever happens to him.
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I always felt my cat Ollie was a reincarnation of my dog jasper. I list my mam in 2009 dad in 2011 and jasper in 2012 and was devastated, one day walking my remaining dog I saw what I thought was a toy on top of a monument in a local park, when I got closer I saw it was a tiny kitten , I got him down and brought him home with the intention of rehousing him but the minute he waked into the hose he went to the dogs food bowl and started eating and that was that. He was so like jasper that I always thought he was his reincarnation or sent by him in some way to comfort me.
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