His name was Doc and he was goofy and loving and all around an awesome cat.

Doc was found on a Dock at the local marina and was taken home by a little girl who adored him. Unfortunately, step dad didn't care for pets so the little girl kept Doc in her closet and cared for him for the better part of a year. During that time, lots of yelling and unpleasant sounds happened while he survived in a tiny space. When step dad decided it was time to move, it was also time for Doc to go. The little girl was heartbroken. While the little girl and mother were shopping later that day, the girl was in tears. An older woman named June saw the girl crying and asked her why. The little girl explained that her step dad said they had to get rid of Doc and she was worried because they didn't know where to take him. The nasty step dad had threatened to end Doc with his gun in the back yard and the little girl had protected Doc from him all that time, she didn't want her step dad to hurt him. June was horrified and immediately agreed to take him. She made arrangements to meet them a few hours later at the same store. June was handed a small box with a terrified Doc inside. June brought him home and set him up in the spare room of her home. Unfortunately, June already had six cats and they were not so kind to the new addition so Doc remained alone in his room. June worked from home so she was able visit Doc frequently. June's son David had been living with her for a month as well while he got back on his feet after a job loss. He helped give Doc lost of love and play time as well.

A month went by and it was time for David to move out. He decided to take Doc with him. It took a long time for Doc to feel comfortable again. A year had gone by and David's new girlfriend (Sarah) entered the picture. Doc was standoffish. After another year doc became attached to Sarah as was David. They decided to accept her as a permanent part of the family. David and Sarah got married and the moved into a new home together where they spent 6 blissful years together as a family.

It wasn't until last week the worst hit. David and Sarah notice Doc had a painful lump on his arm. So Tuesday July 30th, one day before Sarah's birthday, Doc made a visit to his usual Vet. He stayed a few hours and had quite a few tests. Despite, Doc's transformation into a happy cat, he was still a bit leery about new things. So he didn't resist the testing and spent the time there mostly frozen and compliant, much to the surprise of the staff. At 2:00 in the afternoon, David and Sarah went into the room eager to know what Doc needed to get better. It was there that the earth crack in half for them. You see, Doc had bone cancer that had rapidly moved to his lungs. It was the worst possible scenario. The Vet recommended that Doc be set free from his body. David and Sarah requested that the three be given one more day together. The Vet gave Doc some shots and medicine to go home. It made Doc feel much better but David and Sarah knew that the medicine would only work temporarily. Doc, none the wiser to his fate, enjoy a glorious day of feeling better, all his favorite foods, lots of snuggles and plenty of play time.

Then at 5:00 in the evening of the 31st, on Sarah's birthday, David and Sarah drove Doc to the Vet again. Doc was worried because they poked his arm and taped something to it but he was returned to David and Sarah who were so happy to see him, they were in tears. Them the Vet came in and put medicine in the arm poke thing and all was warm and well in the arms of David and Sarah. Doc when to sleep happy and now he runs and plays without pain or fear, happy to have had the life he did with David and Sarah.


Six years wasn't nearly enough my friend but I am grateful to have had them.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Doc. I know that must have been hard on you. I lost my fur kid Mojo on Monday and have been overwhelmed with grief. Just know that you are not alone. Cry, scream, do whatever you need do.....its ok.

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I am very sorry for your loss of sweet, special Doc. Thanks to you, David, June and a little girl, Doc was very much loved and had a good life.

My condolences,
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Dear Sarah,

Thank you for sharing your uplifting, inspiring and tragic story all at the same time. Your prose was beautifully written. By the time I got towards the middle of the story, I wondered who the writer would turn out to be? - and it was YOU Sarah! When I read your name I immediately broke down crying and as I type this comment, tears are streaming down my cheeks. Again, thank you for sharing Doc's, and his other loved ones story with all of us here. I am so glad that all of your paths crossed with Doc's, and that Doc got to experience love, affection, adoration, comfort & safety and be part of a real family with all of you. All cat's should be so blessed. And I am happy that Doc gave you all back something equally important in return.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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