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I do so feel the same way as you - it has been 19 months since the loss of my beloved Max & my life is still empty & my heart still broken..  nothing is the same anymore.

I'm so sorry for your loss & for everyone suffering such pain. ❤💔🐾.
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I too feel the same way & what I have realised is this, when something in the world has upset me it stings so much more than it normally would as I think of my girl & she was my only comforter & all that mattered to me & now she is no longer here...Of course I wouldn't want her to be here just for me, as she became sick but the crushing constant pain has never left me either. Lagata explained it so well - 'it has become a constant companion instead of my Lagata - It is the same for me & as hard as I try I sometimes just don't know how to manage myself.., I feel like I am being swallowed & have to avoid certain streets where we walked. I live in a busy place but lived alone with my little gir & feel like the world is closing in on me because of all the people, & all I want is to be away from them & have her, but only in a healthy body. It's confusing because it feels excruciatingly lonely but at the same time I do not want to be around people...

You are in my thoughts
Daisy's mummy 
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