Today, marks one year that you crossed over, and joined your 'big brother' Dusty.  You passed seemingly so quickly.  You had lost weight, and cancer was taking you away.  On Saturday, 12/6/08, you were "hiding" in the bathroom, behind the toilet, and your daddy called me to come help with you.  You never hid away like that, you always were very social.  It was like a sign to us, that you were ready to go... So, later that morning, we took you to the vets, and you crossed over with my tears streaming down onto your fur... Dusty had passed while I was at work in 2007, so it was the first time I was with one of my pets at the moment of passing. I whispered to you, the same words I whispered to my own mother when she was passing on from cancer..."it's time to get your wings..."
Thank you & Dusty for the snowflake kisses yesterday.  I traced Dusty's, your and Patches name in the snow on the back window of my car, and this morning, your names were still there, frozen in place.  Your names, and your love, will always be etched in my heart...
Forever together...Dusty..DJ..and this year, my baby-angel Patches...
Dusty's Rainbow Residency:


"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."
~Author Unknown~
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((Karen)) sending you hugs and prayers of continued healing on this marker.  They seem to come so fast.  You are so right we do know when it is time and just as you said to your dear mother, your baby "got the wings" the moment that your DJ left this world for the next.  I can remember the minute my Kaizer left it was like a sense of peace for that moment came thru the overwhelming sadness I felt in my loss.  It is true the love is so strong that we carry it forever on this side in our hearts, now your DJ is with all of our babies watching over mommy as she continues her journey on this side.  Always sending that special sign to let mommy know that there isn't one second that the love from up there isn't shining down to her here.
Hugs and again continued prayers of healing.
Debbie Princess, Kaizer & Maddie's mom
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((((((((((((Karen))))))))))  Sending you prayers and hugs on your beloved DJ's one year Anniversary at the Bridge.  Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love and hugs,


Tricia, Burton&Ozzie's Mom

"Good night sweet prince:And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"
William Shakespere's Hamlet
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