My 2 yr old lab/shepherd mix has had something odd happen to her a few times now. She gets very excited when she sees another dog or person and will pull on the leash very hard to get over to say hi to them. She then becomes seemingly disoriented, stumbling around and even falling to the ground. She seems to have no control of her body. That lasts for about 15 seconds and then she’s fine. Is it possible that she’s cutting off her blood supply in her neck when she pulls on the leash so hard? That’s the only thing I can think of. This only happens after hard leash pulling. Whatever it is, it’s very scary when it happens. Any ideas?
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Thank you for your post. I am more a cat person, but I'm willing to help however I can.

Is it possible that your dog has epilepsy? Possible panic attacks?

It's possible that she faints due to the stress of the leash on her neck, but probably unlikely.

I definitely would take your dog baby to the vet for a check up. It's well worth it to make sure that doggie is okay and to give you peace of mind.

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K. Unger
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Yes, it sounds like a seizure of some kind. I agree with Katie, I do not think it is the leash, although that may contribute to the possible seizure. Yes, a blood work up and other tests. It may be a psychological issue. Dogs are known to be neurotic like humans.

Kind regards,
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I wonder if it’s an increase in a release or hormones such as cortisone or perhaps her blood sugar is spiking? I agree that getting a checkup with her vet is the best place to start. Additionally, I recently found out about a product called Buddy Custard that might be able to help your dog. It’s an all natural supplement that is given to your dog once a day and it comes in two different flavors that dogs love. You can either give it by itself or add it to your dog’s food. It is used in the treatment and prevention of chronic illnesses in dogs, plus it promotes overall health, giving dogs a longer, healthier life. It’s backed by science, the Budwig method specifically, that was created 70 years ago and is still successful today. Many people left testimonials on their website buddycustard.com that stated that their dogs were all restored back to good health after having used the product. I think it could definitely be something worth looking into for your dog just to make sure that she’s healthy overall. Keep us posted, I hope nothing too serious is going on with her.
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