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I agree with most people are saying to not exhume ypur baby yourself. It will not be a nice view. 
But, if he has been burried in a shallow grave, other animals may dig him up and that could cause health problems for them.

The saddest moment is when the one who gave you the best memories,
Becomes a memory.

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Thanks! Sure, if I decided to exhume, definitely someone will help me! I pray to God to show me what’s the right decision for my Bailey! 
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That is a beautiful and fitting resting place Panthermom. And a wonderful memorial stone.

Thank you for sharing that heartfelt tribute to your boy. Very inspirational and touching.

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Jasminbailey, I am sorry for your loss.  I  do understand what you are going thru...my LaGata passed in Feb....I was such a mess.  A friend heard all the screaming and came running.  I had been holding my baby in my arms for several hours by then.  He thought he was helping when he dug a grave for her in my flower garden.  When he finished digging, he came to place her there.....I was out of my mind with grief.  I regret, to this day, what happened next.  I had wrapped her in the blanket she was lying on, I put her brush and toys in it....I just sat there holding her.  He said it was time, so I took her and placed her there.  I can see her stone from my bedroom window, I see it everyday.  I cry every day.  I have thought about exhuming her and having her cremated, but I am afraid too.  What would l find and can I handle it...I still don't know.  
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