I knew she was just that from day one. A huge huge part of me I gladly give her the day she left us to go on to the next part of her journey in November. I am trying to get on, I have to I have her mother and brother still with me to take care of. It has me smashed to bits. They say time is a healer, no, time is all we have. For me personally I did not get her ashes as I knew it would be where I had her with me in this box and I have always believed the body to just be a shell, the soul leaves and its what's left. I know I could not nor would I ever want to dull her vibrant bizzare sparkle she blinded everyone with. So I named a star after my little peg-peg. I know she is there and do get comfort by that thought. I just still feel this physical dull ache in my heart. I am very empathetic feel a lot of energies off humans but with animals it is something else. This my own baby truly has left me broken and I just don't feel better with "time" it is raw pain. I get on because I have to. Me and my ache. I am here to try and see how others cope as I'm just existing, getting through the day going to work ect but nothing much else.
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet peg-peg. I feel that animals can reach a part of our hearts that others do not. They give us unconditional love and do not care what we look like, if we are poor or rich... Many here find comfort in having their beloved pet's ashes. I am like you in that I knew having my sweet Jagger's ashes would not bring me comfort. I think naming a star after peg-peg was a wonderful and fitting idea for a vibrant and bright creature like peg-peg.

It has not been that long. Give yourself time to grieve. Enjoy and love her mother and brother that are still with you. I hope in time happy memories can bring you comfort.

My condolences,
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