Okay so starting to feel a bit guilty i left my lucy at the vet after putting her to sleep, it just hurt so much seeing her that way and I felt at the time it would hurt to much to see her as ashes or in a grave, you don't think she felt I left her there?🙁
If I had more pets I'd feel I shouldn't with them to now if I didnt with my Lucy to make it fair.
Is anyone else out there who didn't do it?
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Lisa this is a very personal decision. I’m at the opposite side of the spectrum as you. My husband had our lil Yorkie, Boggie, cremated without me knowing. Now with the death of my beloved Tankie I felt I needed to, rather had to because I couldn’t have one done and not her. Most do and feel very comforted by have the ashes back at home with them. It brings me no sense of closure and doesn’t represent either of my babies. Hugs,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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This is a very personal and emotional decision, with very little time to make.  And, most of the time, we are numb/shock with pain.  At "that" moment, our lives change, because, we just lost a part of our heart.

My hubby and I, decided to "have our beloved pets rest in a designated special place in our property".  For some "odd reason", I could not stand anyone else "touching/handling" them after their goodbyes.  

Lucy is with you, her spirit lives on, she is your fur guardian angel.  You carry Lucy in your heart, there she will stay forever.  (((Hugs)))
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I agree with Sil, it's a very personal decision. When my sister's dog passed, and she let someone else spread the ashes, I didn't understand-but now I have more perspective and understanding, being on this side of it. You did what you felt was best, in that moment. Making those decisions on the worst day possible, with a broken heart is beyond hard.

I decided to bring Rookie's ashes home, and while I initially felt relief knowing he was home, the logical part of my brain knows he's not in his box, he's everywhere now. Having his box with his collar and a favorite toy just lets me feel a little more at ease. Your Lucy is everywhere, just keep your heart open to her. Initially I didn't get it, but my Rookie was persistent: I had a white butterfly fly near me while standing in one of his favorite backyard spots, and many dragonflies- and in places I've never seen them before. I know it's hard right now, with your loss so fresh (I still struggle after 5 weeks) but you'll see her soon. ❤
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