We have lots of street dogs around here. Shelters do not kill them, the law forbids it, some try to find them homes all over Europe, others sterilize them and send them back into the streets.

Today, as I was walking with my family, I saw a little dog that had big breasts, she obviously had puppies. She was scared, but so gentle and loving, even when I would touch her almost healed wounds (to one ear and neck). I immediately thought about taking her home and call the shelter on Monday. But what about the puppies? She was alone, they were not with her. So I followed her for about 2 hours, in the hope that maybe she will lead me to the puppies and I'll get all of them. She was following people around for a while, but then all of a sudden she seem to know where she was going. I was so consumed, I couldn't decide what to do...  What if I take her home and she has puppies somewhere that will not survive without her? What if she lost her puppies and those big breasts will cause her problems? I checked her a bit, she had good circulations, good gums.
In the end I let her go, I had to come home. We had arrived at a park in the meantime. I want to go there tomorrow to see if she's still there, but I doubt it.
But I don't have peace, what should I have done? In the last 2 weeks I saved 3 puppies, but those decisions were easy.
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You are so right and acted wisely in my opinion. She most likely is lactating if her breasts are swollen. There is a chance that the puppies may not have survived, but a chance they will be alive and tucked away somewhere.
It's not a nice life on the streets, but you have to remember that she is used to it (in a horrible way maybe, but she has learned to cope) She'll be alright for a little while. If you had taken her, the puppies, if she has them, would have died, starved to death.
Go back, and see if you can locate her again, and best to do it when you have plenty of time. If it's a bad area, take someone with you, don't go alone. She will eventually go back to her puppies, all you have to do is follow her.
It's strange because I was watching a You Tube video of a similar dog rescue

 I don't know, but you might get some ideas from this.
Good luck.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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Oh, that was such a beautiful, beautiful story! I wish I had the inspiration to do what he did instead of panicking... But now I know what to do, so thank you very much!!!

I went back today and I couldn't find her, I looked everywhere. She was not from the area by the way she was acting and by what some people have told me. I go there often though, and I will keep an eye out for her. I have been thinking about her all day.
Could she have had big breasts and not have milk? And what if she lost the puppies and the milk is in there, what happens to her? Can she develop mastitis like women do? I did squeeze a bit but nothing came out and I was afraid to push any harder as she was already scared...
I wish I had more experience and inspiration with this. I did call the shelter, but being late Saturday evening, nobody answered. I could have used some guidance.

As for the streets, it is a rough world out there, it breaks my heart every time I see them, some more than others. But I am so glad that they are not killing them, at least some get to see old age and some get adopted straight from the streets. A lot of people take care of them too, which isn't ideal but at least it is something. The shelter I am calling do not release them back once they are in, and apparently have loads of funding as they turned down my food, and they do not need volunteers as I was turned down a few times over the years.

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Mistysmama - I Love that video.
Terry's Mama just keep your eyes open.
There are hundreds of possibilities of where she could be or
if she had puppies or they have already been weaned.
I am so grateful that when I found my girl she was still
pregnant and the hospital checked her out and I
delivered all 11 puppies so they were all healthy
and well.
You are doing a good thing.
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