Past few days it's been niggling at me, did I decide to fast? Everything happened in one day, fine day before then next day she's limping funny can't play with her toy just kept lying down vdodnt show signs of Pain.
Took her straight to the closest vet on a Sunday which was a different one, once got there she took longer being able to walk, got her in by time she was in the room she was lying down , vet checked her over said she was paralyzed from her waist down, no deep pain and could flip her feet back to normal and she explained when a spinal disk ruptures, so I went with what she said it was, we was told Lucy would have to go for an MRI and operation by a neurologist but didn't have anything like that there and it was to far away.
Me and my sister in law was there for about 4 hours, me trying to think of something I phoned my other half he said should put her down, phoned my mother in law she said the same both very upset as everyone loved her. I was at a loss I didn't want to do it, I was scared, shaking, all this happening this fast?
My other half didn't want to bring her home to have to carry her everywhere up and down stairs etc, and I'm pregnant with second child and a 3 year old, so I would have less time for my Lucy.
My sister in law was going to go with whatever I wanted to do but I think she knew or had a feeling needed to put her down, afterwards I read info about ppl looking after paralyzed dogs, but didn't feel like she would be happy needing to have help in and out house, making messes everywhere not being able to have a mad run around the house.
But since I've been regretting did I choose to fast, I had my other half upset saying if I brought her home I'd be doing it all (he works) and mother in law saying it'll be best for her.
I just hope she doesn't think I gave up on her and felt ready 🙁 we was in the vet room door was open and she just layed there for 4-5 hours she got up once scooted her bum across floor as couldn't walk, sniffed then layed down again. I miss her so so much
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Dear Lisa, part of being a good pet guardian is making tough decisions. Sounds like Lucy was suffering for her to not be able to walk. I can't imagine it would be comfortable being carried around and not being able to make it outside for potty. As such her quality of life would be severely impacted and we need to consider carefully how happy she would have been. My feeling is that you made the correct decision give the circumstances but it doesn't make the pain less painful. My deepest condolences on your loss,
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I am so sorry for your loss of Lucy.  As a fur-baby-mother, you made the "hardest" decision of all - and under very painful, stressful circumstances.  For some reason, guilt is part of this grief process - we "torture" ourselves with, "What if's".  Your decision was based on love.  Be gentle with yourself, your body is carrying a precious life. ((hugs))
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I am soo very sorry for your loss. I know what you are going through. I just lost my Reno this past Monday. I keep running through my mind. Did I do enough? Did I make a hasty decision? But to watch him suffer last weekend and he had a couple of heart attacks. I could not bear it for him to suffer. He had congestive heart failure and I also had to make that decision.

It sucks and I know you would have done anything for her. Lucy is looking down at you. She has a big smile. I will ask Reno to go play with her and see if she can give you a sign letting you know that she is ok.

I will ask that during my nightly prayer when I pray for Reno. I know they are both happy and playing like when they were young. I know its hard right now. Always remember you are not alone. You can lean on everyone here. RENO.jpg  Here is my Reno when he was about 3.
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Thankyou very much I've been in bits tearing myself apart, struggling to deal with daily things try to keep reminding myself that I have a baby on the way and a 3 year old that needs me.
But I imagine if my hyper, happy, joyful Lucy was here what would she be doing and feeling, would she be happy to be home? Sad and depressed she can't play? Just lying there? I'd of hated that but she would of been with me but I know that would of been selfish for me to do that to her just so I can have more time with her.
I never realised how much I loved her till she was one, like I lost a child it hurts so much 🙁😦
At times I feel like I let her down and didn't fight for her I just saw her lying there no sound as tho she was sad and angry she didn't even fight when we lied her down or grunt or grumble
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Hi Lisa,
You absolutely did the right thing. Maybe in that moment some greater power comes upon us and makes the decision FOR us because we are in such shock and pain. A couple of weeks after having my cat put down last month, I had to visit the vet office for some other reason and I was talking to the staff there about the guilt and the questioning - “did I do the right thing?” They assured me that everyone goes through that uncertainty, even when the answer is 100% clear to them. You gave your fur baby a great life and made the best decision for her in the end. Hang in there ❤️
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I agree, you absolutely made the right choice. I went through a similar ordeal. My golden retriever was fine one day then barely able to move the next. Vet told me it was cancer and I was given options. Steroid treatment would give him another month, heavy chemo might give him a year or I could put him to sleep. Making that call is the hardest thing anyone can make. They are not just animals to us, but family, friends, constant companions who are always at our side. I question myself everyday if putting him to sleep was the right call. I know in my heart it was but we still question that decision. Having your baby paralyzed is isn’t the life you would want for them. She would be a shadow of her former happy self. It’s normal to question your decision. Never doubt or let anyone tell you it wasn’t the right one. Deep in your heart you know it was.
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