Ok so, this is my story on Sunday morning my beautiful border collie lucy of 9 nearly 10 years suddenly was limping which went down hill and she started to drag her legs, it was heart breaking, we rushed her straight to the vet
When we got there she could hardly use her back legs, she had no feeling or pain in her legs of touched, basicly her spine disk had ruptured as what it appeared to then by how she was, I had 3 options, to take her in a taxi for 45 mins for an MRI maybe surgery if it was an option for £5000 or take her home with a inflammetory and a 30% chance she would recover and 60% it wouldn't work without surgery she needed it withing 24 hours, the other option was to be put to sleep ☹️, I chose the last option after 5 hours of sitting in that room everyone agreed it was for the best but I just wanted to see if there was anything else could do unknowing about all the successful stories of paralysed dogs, I just couldn't imagine if she never recovered what her life would of been like but now I keep thinking what if she did make a full recovery?
Another thing to point out I have a daughter age 3 who loved running around with her and playing with her with her toy and Lucy would love to chase me around while I carried my little girl around playing, her favourite last time of all though was getting a toy thrown for her in the garden and felt at the time she wouldn't of had that anymore and everything changed, I just don't understand she was perfectly fine and happy the day before, then she's paralysed and put down ☹️
So now I have horrible regret of what ifs, and don't think many or any be the same as most seem to attempt to look after there dog when paralysed it all just happened so fast ☹️ did I let her down? I loved her so much it's killing me
I just didn't feel it would be right aswell fact I'm also pregnant and wouldn't of been able to give her the full time care she needed to recover and to take her out for pees or have her stuck downstairs as she would love to just wonder about the house. Please I need some words of encouragement that I did right, if not I'd like to hear the truth of what everyone thinks, thankyou.
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I know you commented on my thread, but you were asking how this could happen, so I thought I'd answer here. When my Rookie's injury was diagnosed, his vet said these injuries are often spontaneous, caused by a sudden movement, especially if the dog already has back issues- although you might never have seen symptoms of back issues. In rookie's case, he did jump up suddenly the night before due to a firework (he was always terrified of them) but went to bed completely fine. The next morning he had no use of his back legs. 💔 I was willing to go try the long road to recovery with Rookie, but when he stopped eating and going potty, it was hard.... he wasn't getting his meds and was getting more anxious.
I'm so sorry you're going through this as well. It's clear how much Lucy was loved; i'm glad she got to run around with your daughter prior to injuring herself. Try not to beat yourself up (I know it's easier said than done, even for weeks in I sometimes catch myself doing it); it just leads you to feel more sad. You did what you felt was best. Hugs!
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