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Patti,  first - I am so very sorry you are facing this diagnosis with your little guy!

I do not know if you see all of my postings below yours about Tucker.  I went to a surgical oncologist, a certified surgical vet and a holistic vet for consults.  Did a ton of research and after all of the appointments decided to have the certified surgical vet remove the primary tumor.  On ultrasound, there was 1 lymph node involved.  

I choose not to put Tucker on Chemo and the surgical oncologist here in Portland said they do not do radiation anywhere in Oregon for this because of how very hard it is on animals.  He said if I really wanted to pursue it, I could travel from Portland to the University of Washington in Seattle.  No surgical oncologist in the Portland area does radiation and we have great vet clinics here.

Research on chemo did not reassure me as there is little data to support that it is truly effective against this cancer---chemo works well with lymphomas, some melanomas and mast cell cancers.  The cost for me without insurance was astronomical--about $800 to $1000 a month and that does not include all of the lab work, ultrasounds and required follow up visits.  

What I choose instead was to use the holistic vet--we have a lot of complimentary medicine vets that practice along side other vet specialist in clinics.  Tucker is on about $400 of holistic medications, he is off all processed dog food and treats-no carbs and no sugar in anything as sugar especially feeds tumors--that includes fruit, which Tucker loves.  His diet is cooked ground meat, vegetables high in cancer fighting compounds--like broccoli, kale, cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes, summer squash etc.

I have so many PDF articles including books on cancer diets and cooking for them.  If you send me your email, I will gladly forward this information to you.

Tucker is doing fantastic.  I urge you to not panic and to research surgical vets in your area that have done this surgery and are Certified/accredited surgeons.  There was a huge difference in the price of his surgery between the surgical-oncologist and the accredited surgical vet clinic.  $4,500 vs $1,200 and his care was fantastic.  I asked for invoices outlining the cost with each vet I met with and I compared the 2 surgical estimates and they both were using the same drugs, equipment, protocols etc.

I also chose to NOT have the enlarged lymph node removed as we are addressing this holistically.  That surgery is very invasive as those lymph nodes are right up against the spine.  So they do 2 surgeries--the rectal surgery, and then go in thru the abdomen for the lymph nodes.  My guy is 12 and I did not want to put him through that. 

"My dog looks as healthy as can be, acts like a puppy."   Same with Tucker--he actually looks healthier now with his diet and holistic supplements than before.  

Here is my email:
Sharon Olsen

Sharon Olsen
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