My poor fur baby on Tuesday at 5:30 -am my hubby woke up found my Chloe who iwas nearly 18 had vomited lightly and lying there .. ( she had been quiet for last couple of weeks , but showed no signs otherwise)
cleaned her up , she just sat in his lap .. he left for work then at at 6 :30 I could hear her screaming 3 imes , woke me up .. went to her she was laying on her side, I just cried never seen my Chloe like this.. I said come on hunny sit up .. she stretched her leg and I could see her heart moving .. went to ring any vet that early in the morn .. came back 20 min later ready to rake her to vet .. she had gone ..
I don't know what happened ..
I havnt stopped crying .. my beautiful fur baby ..
has any one got any idea what might have happened
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I am so sorry Sue for your devastating loss. Chloe is such a beautiful girl and what a lovely picture you posted of her.  I can tell that she was very much loved and well cared for you and your family and the profound grief you must be experiencing from her passing.  I hope you feel some peace and comfort in the upcoming days and weeks knowing that she was so cherished while on this earth and that you both took great care of one another, and the love you shared doesn't go away even from her passing.  Take care. Hugs

P.S could be possibly be a heart attack? My Hammie left 2 wks ago in similar state. One minute doing well at the vet, then stretched, walked 2 steps, vomit and let out a yelp and collapse and was gone in a minute, despite vet there who saw it all trying to revive him with oxygen, etc.  They said heart attack as the tongue was slightly blue?

So sorry for you loss again,

Hammie's mommy

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