our lovely benson had to be put to sleep after a lot of bad seizures
I miss him so much I don't know what to do my house seems so empty and quiet without him I can't stand to be at home I'm not doing well at all I have 3 children who are heart broken but I'm to sad to talk to them about it probably and to explain what happened any why his gone and that his not coming back I don't know how I am going to help them get through this when I can't even think about it without bursting into tears.
He was with us for 7 years and was such a part of our family I can't even see how I can go on without him I'm so sad.
I can't talk to anyone about it as I just cry uncontrollably. Tell me this is going to get easier
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Benson is so handsome thank you for sharing his photos. I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish I could tell you it gets easier, but I'm only on day five of losing my very best friend and I'm still a wreck.
You are not alone in this, we are all here for you. Cry to us as many of us have while typing out stories just like Bensons.

My sweet boy Auggie I adopted when he was a year old and I only had three years with him. He passed last Friday (8/4/17) due to liver failure. Never showed me any signs of internal problems until about 24 hours before. It's traumatic losing an animal when they are apart of your family. I wish there was something I could say to you to help your pain go away, but just know you are not alone. I hope each day gets better for you and your home starts to feel brighter as the days go on. Benson felt your love everyday and now he doesn't have to suffer anymore. Hold onto to the good memories of Benson. The laughs, walks, hugs and kisses. Never forget those.

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Yes, it will get easier. Just give yourself some time and allow the mourning which is an important part of healing. Seven years is a long time and you had such a bond with beautiful Benson so it's normal to feel as you do, broken hearted. I think it's okay if your children see you cry if you talk to them about Benson because you are all feeling the loss. It's isolating to be left alone and in my opinion I think it would be bettter to talk to them even if it's just so that everyone can share how much this hurts. Don't feel like you always have to be strong because unfortunately death is a part of our lives sometimes and your children will understand why you are upset. As time goes on maybe you can all share something you loved about Benson together. Just my thoughts... I know that terrible pain and feel so badly for what you are going through but in time it will get easier although I know Benson will always have a special place in his mom's heart. Take good care of yourself and post again if you feel like up to it. Hugs to you,
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I don't have a formula for you, but it does get better.  When I lost my little Schnauzer 7 years ago, I was sure I would go to my own grave grieving.  It took 5 years before I could actually talk about him without crying.  I had had many cats, but Buddy was my first dog.  He was a very sweet, neglected stray I had no idea what to call him, how to bathe him or anything else. I sort of chuckle now when I think about the phone call I made to Canada to ask a dog knowledgeable friend what I should do about the fleas, giving him a bath and other now silly questions.  Buddy and I were truly soul mates...just writing about him now, I feel a lump in my throat. It was how he died that made it so difficult to get past the grief.  It was an accident and he didn't need to die.

Before Buddy passed, I took in a 4 year old mini poodle, that was about to be euthanized...per the owner he was "too much trouble".  If being loyal and extremely good with cats and kittens, yes he was trouble.  A more loyal dog I have never seen.   The month before letting him go, we did all his favorite things, whatever he wanted, he got. I let him go when I could see that it was too painful, difficult for him to do things on his own, that the joy in life was no longer there. I gave him the best life possible and he died of old age and was happy to the very end. Knowing this, gave me peace of mind.  I knew it was time for him.  I had the joy of his companionship for 10 years.

The last pet that passed was Lenny.  His passing was reminiscent of Buddy's. It could have been avoided and this time it was my fault. Lenny was old, blind, deaf and very neglected when he was found. I had him for 14 months. Looking at his pictures and remembering how he was, I know he was a happy contented dog. He was receiving hugs and body rubs that he probably hadn't had for years. His enjoyment of life was cut short, not because of illness but because of my forgetfulness.  How he died is what was/is so difficult to get past, but thinking about the life he lived before I took him in and the life I gave him eases the pain somewhat,

I think  how the pet passes might have a bearing on how soon the pain eases.  When there is guilt, the pain seems to last a lot longer. When you can think about your pet without needless guilt, knowing that you did everything possible to help your baby, that is when the healing is the quickist.  It's the guilt that has to be dealt with more than the loss in some cases.  I learned this from Buddy and Lenny.

Yes, it does get better. Give yourself time to grieve, to come to grips with the fact that you did all you could.

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