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Iv been thinking of you.  Wednesday is always in your heart and will never leave my friend.  If you feel her with you know that she IS there in spirit. I feel Gemma sometimes and I know she is around, I even talk to her.  Like Wednesday and Bear, my baby passed at home unexpectadly too. my baby was in my arms when I was asleep too like Susans. She was telling all the dogs off the day before?  She did have sickess and diarriah for weeks and the vets just fobbed me off saying it was a 'bug' so I was as shocked as you were my friend.  Like Bear and Gemma Wednesday died on her own terms and was at home with people she loved.  You will have lots of what if's running through your head my friend. I still after two years wonder what if I took her to the vet that night would she have still been with me? The answer is no, it was Wednesday, Bears and Gemsies time to go, God wanted them back with him.  Our fur babies are only on loan to us until they teach us what needs to be taught then God asks for them back...they are our angels my friend  Read the poem at the end of my sig..these words brought me so much comfort when I lost my fur baby...hope they do the same for you 
You say you keep looking for Wednesday I just know she is there with you....right by her Mummy. You can't see her but you can feel her, she will be with you in spirit.  It really hurts me to see you so upset. we all know how you feel and feel your grief my friend  Sorry Iv got to go as getting really choked up x
Love Julie x
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