Hi. My name is Kristie and my soul-dog Bailey was just diagnosed with subcutaneous hemangiosarcoma. We found a lump on his neck about 2 months ago. We finally him in to see a vet and she did a fine needle aspiration and determined that there were abnormal cells. She said to watch it and we could remove it when we could afford to. Well, within 2 weeks, it had doubled in size and became necrotic. We scheduled the surgery. He had it removed successfully but today the histology came back. My worst nightmare. The most aggressive cancer.
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Hi Kristie,

I just lost my beautiful cat Samuelson to cancer on Wednesday, after almost a month since being diagnosed. He was only 4 and I can tell you, when I got the news I was devastated. I decided to not put him through cancer therapy as he was such a sensitive little boy who would not take it well. My heart goes out to you and I understand how difficult hearing this news is. Devastated does not quite describe the feeling :(       
Melanie Hogarth 
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