My bearded dragon, Gurgi was my best friend. She was so loving, would cuddle and sleep with me, would walk up to me when she was loose on the floor. She would climb up and rest upon my head or shoulder, she was soooo very loved and spoiled. I use to take her most everywhere I went.
I went to my Aunts house to watch her pets, and tend to her garden while she was outta town, and my aunt raises Monarch caterpillars/butterflies in terrariums and I thought Gurgi wpuld just love to try a caterpillar. I got 2 from the garden and gave them to her.
Less than 24 hours later, she died in her sleep next to me in her blankie. I found out after research that I wish I had done before, that monarch butterflies and caterpillars are very toxic and fatal to bearded dragons. They gave her diarrhea, and right when she got diarrhea I had done my research, put her in a warm bath of pedialyte and distilled water to give her lost electrolytes and hydrate her as much as possible and she loved it and seemed fine.
I ordered dewormer/parasite killer and probiotics for her on amazon with 1 day shipping. But it was already too late. She died as we slept later that night. I kept her warm and I did everything I could. The vet was closed, but I realize it still would have been too late. :(
I am so depressed. I keep thinking about her and missing her. I feel so much pain. I just can't imagine the pain she went through because if my dumb ass mistake and irresponsibility. I loved her so much.
Just such a precious sweet and beautiful creature and the best pet and friend I have ever adored. My car rides and sleep is so lonely without her. She's gone forever and I have such a broken heart.
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I'm very sorry for your tragic loss of Gurgi. Please go easy on yourself in this terrible time. 💖
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I have 2 Beardies myself and they are wonderful pets.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend. Beardies are amazing animals it sounds like you had such a special bond with her. You certainly did not mean for that to happen and we are all only human--none of us are perfect and we do the best we know how. You thought you were giving her a treat she would love. It's as simple as that and it's a mistake any of us could make. 

Of course, you miss her and that's the real issue. It will take time for your heart to heal, but it will eventually. 

Take care of yourself.

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So sorry for your loss, you weren't to know and you did your best to save her.
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Bearded dragons are such neat critters. I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. Don't go beating yourself up. I had a similar experience a couple weeks ago. There's a leak in my roof that I haven't found anyone to help me fix yet, just over the desk where my snails live in their terrariums. I put a bowl on top of the one cage just like always. Sometime during the night I think my cat Phoenix knocked it over and the tank got flooded. The 3 bigger snails, Gary, Mercedes and Boo, got out of the way, but Jimmy and Bullets couldn't. Bullets is ok, but Jimmy died after a couple days. I still feel awful. I feel like it was my fault even though it was an accident. Sometimes we make mistakes. I'm sure our babies understand that. It doesn't make us awful people, even though we may feel like it. Go easy on yourself.
🌈Marie and the crew
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