I took an early lunch today.  The vet called and said Delenn was ready to be picked up.  Again, I knew this day would come and I've tried to brace myself for it.

I brought the vet and her staff some orchids.  They did an outstanding job and gave us 6 more weeks that we wouldn't have had otherwise.

Her ashes are in a simple stained cedar box with a brass lock and her name on a brass plate.  They gave me a plaster heart with her paw imprints. Well...I lost it.

All the pain came rushing back...but there was a finality to it.  I got hugs from the staff as I cradled Delenn in my arms and went back to my car.  I will say, driving with a face full of tears freely streaming from your eyes is not a simple thing.  As if being Asian doesn't make things hard already.  Anyway, with lights on in tribute, we made our way home.

I brought her inside, still bawling.  The memories came rushing back in a wave of tears and sadness.  In my mind's eye, she's healthy and strong bounding across the grass. She stops short of me though.  It's not time for us to be together again.  It will be, but not right now.  She turns around, flicking her tail up and whipping it right and left.  She looks back at me with a smirk..and then goes tearing off again into the light.  When I finally do get to hold her again...I'm NOT going to let go.  That's later...much later.

But...for now...her body is home.  I'll keep the candles burning so her soul and spirit can find her way back for the occasional visit.

We miss you pretty kitty...we miss you sweet Delenn...our little Kunta Kitteh (yes...we called her that in jest)...Daddy misses you.

Forever in our hearts and souls sweet Delenn...
See you in our dreams...
See you later...
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Stephen "Riceman" Myers
"The greatest tribute one can give a loved one is to share their life and stories with others."

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Are you sure her name isn't Toby? LOL! Thanks for sharing your story. I know it must be tough to bring your little one home like that, but at the same time it must feel good to have them again in some form. When we buried my Hogan it was late at night after the accident happened. I thought of cutting some of his hair off and keeping it but I didn't, I thought it would be too hard. I wish I would have been of clearer mind to keep his paw print. It was all just a blur that night. I also burn a candle every night next to his picture and collar hoping for a visit. Im sure Delenn is smiling today saying don't be sad daddy, im only a heartbeat away!
Hogans Daddy
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So sorry for your loss. Losing our loved ones is always more traumatic and painful than we could ever have imagined. Wishing you peace until you meet beautiful Delenn again. XOXO
Berne's Mom
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Hi, I hope it`s bringing you some comfort having Delenns ashes home. I know it helped me so much when we brought our dog Jim`s ashes back, it really felt like he`d come home. We keep them on his favourite cushion on the sofa with his collar during the day, then they stay on the dressing table in the bedroom at night.      
 We will see them again one day, I`m sure, but its so hard adjusting to life without them.
                                                          Sending you peace and hugs, Jackie.

J Taylor
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Big hugs, i lost my Mona Girl kitty last August at home from heart disease. She was my baby. I know your pain.
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