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LynnCDM - It seems you are stuck in the loop of Sugar's last moments. Every thought you have of her last images, try thinking of two memories of her at her best--the playful, smart, lovable little girl. Sugar was much more than just the last days of her life-so very much more. It also seems like you are confusing guilt with grief. The guilt you feel I think is normal but you really need to believe, and I am sure Sugar will agree, that you did everything in your power to help your sweet girl. There is a limit to what we can do and to extend your baby's life just 1 minute too long while she is in pain and suffering is not good. I read somewhere that someone said "it is better 1 day too early than 1 second too late." We cannot imagine or fathom the level of pain and suffering our babies are going through because they do not show it. Be kind to yourself. You gave Sugar a gift and I am sure she would agree 100%.

The grief is something else and I believe that is what can take months or years to get through, if ever. You will be forever changed by your loss. But go on you will--you will soldier on and in time you will embrace the memories of that sweet little girl and she will give you the strength to smile again as you remember. Please try to remember the beauty of her life and not the ugliness of her death--I think she would like that and love you even more for it.

I wish you warm hugs and blessings of comfort.
Denise (Brutus' Mom)
Brutus von Dolce
06/19/2006 - 03/16/2018
RIP my sweet beautiful boy
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Lynn you are not alone. It's two weeks now that Boo has been gone and I sit here on this Saturday morning, his favorite day of the week, crying my eyes out. I too keep reliving his last hours and it's driving me crazy. I keep seeing those beautiful little eyes looking up at me.
Boo' s mommy
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Thank you. Ginger...I’m sorry you are grieving too. MSsweet... I don’t think I can grieve the rest of my life...again that scares me. I can’t live in so much pain. How do people cope if they grieve forever ?
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