My Sami girl is a 11 year old pem corgi who has degenerative myelopathy.  She can still walk, with assistance and most times help from us to get her back legs back under her. My gut tells me it's time but it's so hard to not make excuses or reasons for her to stay.  

We decided in the beginning that when she can no longer walk or relieve herself then we will put her to sleep but her struggles every day are breaking my heart.  She looks at me confused as to why her body is not doing what it should.  She has started peeing in the house, which I was expecting but she has always been aware of what she is doing but now... it's like she doesn't even know what is going on.  I think the only reason that she will eat her food is because she's so stubborn and doesn't want the cat to have it! She's drinking a ton of water so I think something else is going on.  

So I am asking myself.... what type of quality of life will/does Sami have?  Since it's going to progressively get worse, why do I want to wait until she can no longer walk on her own and can't get up to relieve herself?!  

I've had friends tell me that Sami has had a great life, full of love.  I've had her since a puppy!  She's been with me when I've struggled with severe depression and has been that one constant in my life.  I can't imagine her not being a part of it but I don't want her to suffer in her life due to my "needs".

I know you guys can't give me an answer on this, it's always case by case but I just needed to get this out there.  
"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."  Ralph Waldo Emerson
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It is never an easy decision and I will tell you that no matter when you decide you will still feel guilty.  We all feel like "Did I wait too long?" Did I do it too soon?"  You just have to go with what your heart tells you is best for your girl, then know that you have loved her as best as you could even to the final day.
It is heartbreaking but it is a part of love, if we never allowed ourselves to love our babies we wouldn't feel the pain but the love we have had is worth the pain we feel.
My thoughts are with you as you make this decision.
Marlene Wagner
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It's one of the hardest things to do, but if she is suffering it is for the best. I've been in your shoes before and it's painful. It's been 3 years for me and I don't regret taking his pain away I just miss him terribly, that's something that you'll deal with on a daily basis since our babies are a huge part of our daily lives. Every little thing brings back memories. I'm sure you've given your fur baby a good life and I believe one day we'll see them again. Hugs to you in this painful time.
Heather pikna
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My heart goes out to you. Your "gut" does know what to do, but really, it is the hardest decision you will ever have to make, and it is inevitable. 

When my dog Daizy was progressively getting worse due to cancer, it invaded her liver and bloodstream, she was at the 24 hour vet care and the vet said to "put her down NOW".....at that time I was not ready, I had to go to work that day, and yes, maybe i was selfish, but even being at work i was crying alot, knowing that I would "soon" have to put my baby down. The thing is, the vet told me that morning that my Daizy may not live thru "the day" and i should put her down on the spot, i was not ready, i couldn't do it.....BUT i promised i'd come by after work to do the procedure..........and thankfully Daizy was alive when i returned, her tail was wagging, even then I still could not put her down....I did though, that nite, when she started to get sleepy and tired...........it was *the* most hardest decision ever. I don't think there ever is a *right* time. But in your heart you will know, in my heart I knew after spending one hour and 45 minutes with my Daizy I knew at that point....it was time..........

Please know you are not alone & i wish you strength and support during this ohhhh so difficult time


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jlou, most times like these our hearts and heads have a disagreement - our heads say it is with compassion and love that we make the ultimate decision best for our dear fur-baby while the heart screams "it's not time yet" simply because we will miss them in our lives.  normally our babies have to force our head and heart to become one and in that one moment, they are eternally grateful that the human they chose to live above all others thought firstly of them and their pain rather than our own.  sami is aware of how much she is part of your life and i'm sure she wishes she could be a puppy again to relive all the great times you've shared.  i wish i had words of wisdom to share with you from my recent loss of my service dog roxie but hon, i'm feeling this great loss just like everyone else is here.  all i can offer is it is a process and sometimes we have to think of the quality of life out fur-babies are living.  look into sami's eyes and i'm sure deep within that innocent soul you will find her request to you and the answer.  many hugs, warm thoughts and prayers to you at this time.  we are all here for you.
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healing vibes
from all I've read, the consensus is better too soon than a day too late. 
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I had to make this decision for my Taco in December.  I can really relate to you because I have depression and anxiety and he was the reason in life I had to smile and be happy.  I hate mornings and am a grump in the morning, but he made me smile every morning.  

Putting Taco to sleep was indeed the hardest decision I've ever had to make.  You do have to do what's best for your loved one in the end.  That is how I look at it with my sweet boy.

It is true what JerseyNonna & Camunki said too that you will know when it's time.  I knew for Taco because I saw it in his eyes that morning, I looked at him and said "it's time isn't it?" and when I brought him to the vet they told me what I knew deep down inside.  Taco told me it was time.  I just wasn't ready to lose him yet.  He was ready, I was not.  

I am sorry you are going through this rough time and having to make this decision.  
Best of wishes to you and hugs from afar.  
Donielle Taco's Mom
*I love you forever my sweet Taco Beavy*
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I truly sympathize with your situation.  We faced a similar issue this past December.  Our 16 year old little guy started to have serious issues in mid November.  We were crushed in November when we brought him to our vet.  During discussions spoke to the vet about the possible need to euthanize, only when no recovery was possible and he was in pain. Our Vet felt that our Chihuahua would recover from the November event (Vestibular), and he did.  We were so proud of him, his struggle was positive and he was not in any pain. 

That dark day came on December 4th when he lost his rear legs, was in pain. We think it was a combination of a stroke and a blockage.  We had to let his pain go and take his pain ourselves in our heart.  Will not kid you, it is a pain that is heart wrenching but I would do it all over again from the beginning knowing what I know now.  He gave us 16 years of happiness and comfort (well a few ruined spots in the carpet) but well worth what he gave in return.

It will be a personal process that you will have to work through but I can assure you that I have run across some very personable people here, on this site, who truly understand what you are about to face.  As you can see, many of us return here ourselves. 

We wish you wisdom, kindness and love.

John & Renee
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Thank you everyone for your words.  I've read them over with tears and a heavy heart but it's all been helpful and comforting.
"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."  Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I'm sorry for your loss! I had to put my Toby to sleep on Sunday 11-22-15 I had him since he was 2 months old and he was 13 when he passed . He had arthritis in his hips real bad and I had suspected he had cancer. he had gotten really really skinny one day I took him for a walk and when I came in my wife told me was getting fat I told her she was crazy but I noticed the next day that his stomach was swelling so I made the decision right there and then that was on a Thursday I called the veterinarian the next afternoon and made the appointment for Sunday that way I had the weekend to spend with him and it was really hard to do but ultimately I know it was for the best for him for a dog his size he had lived a long long time I miss him dearly every day I think about him all the time and I talked to him all the time but unfortunately it's all part of loving an animal is we have to make choices like that.
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This is NEVER an easy decision.  Just try to know that whatever you do it is because you LOVE her so much.  We just had to do it with our little Beagle 6 weeks ago.  She had a stroke so the actual decision wasn't that hard to make under those circumstances, but I still feel that I let her down because I couldn't get the Vet to give her something to ease her pain while we made that final decision.  So it is never easy.  I wish you only the best and know that you are not alone.
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This is the most difficult choice you have to make . 29 days ago i decided that i had to do it for my baby of fifteen years. I had her at the vet the week before and was assured she wasn't in great pain , discomfort yes but not pain .Yet within a week her quality of life just went to nil.So i took the decision to end it. 

Although i know it was the right thing but i still feel guilty that i killed my only friend in the world. Everyone has said it was the humane thing but it all comes down to how much you love your pet and how much do you want to let them have peace. Hope some of these comments help but whatever you chose you are going to be heartbroken
Gemma's Daddy
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