My 9 year Charlie, a gray kitty, was diagnosed with bone cancer a month ago.

It used to be that where the tumor is was the only part swollen.  Now his whole leg down to his paw is swollen to almost twice the size.  He's been limping on it since about a month before being diagnosed.

He was making it up on the bed by himself, but I don't think he can anymore.  What really upset me yesterday was I noticed he only took a few bites of his wet food before he had to lay back down.  He still demands to be fed as soon as I get home.  So that's where I'm torn.  He still wants to eat, so that's a good sign, right?  But not being able to stand for long and having to hop everywhere is def not good.

I don't want to cheat him out of any days he has left, but I don't want him to suffer.

Then I feel guilty about thinking of taking him in tomorrow when I can have someone with me.  Am I just making it convenient for me then?  Again, I don't want to cheat him.

Any thoughts, ideas, advice would be appreciated.
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It is obviously your decision based on the vet's advice, but has the cancer spread? A scan or Xray and a blood test might help to tell if it has.
If it hasn't, and his general health is good and he is a strong cat basically, it might be a thought to get the leg amputated.
Dogs and cats, once they adjust, and heal from the surgery, can do extremely well on 3 legs. And sometimes with primary bone cancer, amputation is a complete cure!
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Such a difficult thing to face.  I totally understand what you're going through, went through the same thing with my boy Lewis this month.  My biggest concern was that he didn't suffer needlessly.....he was a wonderful part of our family and gave us unconditional love, the least I could do for him was spare him from the inevitability.  If it hasn't spread, perhaps amputation is an option for Charlie.  On the other hand, bone cancer is very painful.  My Vet and her staff were incredibly helpful to me during this process, she told me that animals are very stoic and don't show pain like humans do.
I understand how upsetting this is....please keep us posted and know that you aren't alone in your journey.  My very best to you and Charlie.  Mimi
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    I know how you feeling. My ferret (only 2 yrs. old) was recently diagnosed with pancreas cancer and we are a few weeks from putting her down. She has lost half of her weight, and barley eats. She doesn't jump around anymore, she just walks around during playtime. It was a hard decision, but  why have her keep living if the quality of life isn't good anymore? Besides, I would rater put her down that wake up and find her asleep, pick her up, and have her not wake up.

    I seriously think putting him out is the right decision. You shouldn't feel guilty, you should feel happy. You will put him up in the sky where he can romp, play, and eat without pain. There are painless ways to end it, ad after that, everything will be happy for them. Just think... if you were Charlie, would you want t pull the plug?
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