Hello all!!

 It's been 6 months since I lost my sage ( can't believe it's been that long) an I still feel her loss everyday. I have been dealing with a roller coaster of emotions from sadness to anger to lost to guilt. I just can't seem to get to a place I feel that I have accepted the fact that she is gone. Somedays of course are better than other's due to distractions but night's seem to be the worse for me. I haven't been able to get good sleep since she passed and now have to take medicine to help me sleep due to all the anxiety and grief I get overwhelmed with. I am not proud of it. :( We recently got a puppy hoping she would help fill the void but I almost feel a detachment from her because of how guilty I feel about having to make the decision to put sage put to sleep. I don't have a bond with this puppy that I was hoping and it makes me hurt even more. My son loves her an I hope he develops a relationship with her as I once had with my childhood dog. 

 I recently found a pet loss support group in my area and decided to join. My first session will be in june and I am hoping I can find some kind of comfort or at least peace. I felt Embarrassed to tell my husband because I never thought I would need this, he doesn't see/know how much I hurt, I hide it well but it truly eats at me. When I told him he was very supportive and told me to do what I needed to do. He may not understand but he supports me and I appreciate that. 

 Has Anyone gone to a support group and if so has it helped you?
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My work gives me access to counselors. For the first time I contacted one when I lost my Apollo 3 weeks ago.

It was helpful to talk. We met at the park where I would always take Apollo. The counselor would just sit and listen and we talked for about an hour.

When I was finished she asked me, "Knowing how it would end, would you have still adopted Apollo?"

I thought that was a great question. Even if we knew what pain would come from letting our little friends into our lives, I think most if not all of us would have made the same decision. We get so much joy from them that it makes the pain all the more intense.

Not all counselors or groups are the same. I would encourage you to embrace whatever avenue is open for you to find healing and don't get discouraged if the group doesn't help right off the bat.

These forums are great place for people to share and support but a face to face meeting can be very helpful as well. I wish you healing and peace.
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